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The Accountancy market has gone over the digital tipping point, but most firms still struggle to lift their heads above the ‘compliance waterline’.

IRIS has teamed up with Will Farnell, the founder of Farnell Clarke a multi-award winning digital practice that has been embracing technology since 2008. Together, we give you a unique understanding of the UK accountancy market coupled with first-hand experience of building and scaling a digital firm.

We’ll show you how new tech is driving the automation of compliance and cutting costs – and how you can take advantage of that. We’ll help you to develop a strategy fit for the changing environment, influenced, not least, by the looming MTD deadline.

We’ll explore new entrants’ developing strategies around cost leadership and uniquely differentiated offerings that have been designed to meet the shifting expectations of clients.

To ensure our powerful insight is made available to as many firms as want it, we have three ways you can take up this exciting new offering from IRIS:


Discover how to become a fully digital firm through our regional workshops. Learn how the 10 key components connect and how they enable you to increase revenue, profitability and client satisfaction.  Take away several ideas and strategies to begin to tackle the transition, no matter where you are starting from.

One day in-house workshop where our practice advisors will help you understand where you are now, where you want your firm to go and the options to help you get there.  

Choose from one of the ten digital accountancy areas we cover in our digital strategy workshops.

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