IRIS Company Administration

Easy to use software for forming companies and all your ongoing company secretarial duties, including filing online.

IRIS Company Secretarial allows you to stay compliant with all your company secretarial obligations. Our software includes all Companies House forms and online filing. 

IRIS Company Formations saves you time and money when forming companies online.    

  • Seamless access to the Companies House online service allows you to import new client details directly and easily compare your data and theirs
  • Rapidly updates and maintains the share register and completes certificates, deeds and dividend vouchers, including complicated share transactions
  • Save up to £27 for every annual confirmation statement filed online and up to £70 per formation by filing electronically 
  • Fast client creation - identical clients with different business names created with one click 


The Challenge

Whilst it is no longer mandatory to have a company secretary, such secretarial duties still need to be fulfilled by directors. Why not extend your services to include these duties to ensure your clients are compliant, so they can avoid paying significant late filing penalties?

Formation of companies involves high agent costs and inhibits your ability to free up staff time for higher value work. You need an automated, quick and simple system for incorporation of companies. 


The Solution

IRIS Company Secretarial lets you complete company secretarial duties easily and quickly. Using the system is simple, fast and accurate because data that has already been entered during your tax and accounts work is used, allowing you to minimise new data entry and eliminate inaccuracies. You can prepare a wide range of legal documents, forms, certificates and dividend vouchers using IRIS Company Secretarial. 

IRIS Company Formations checks for availability of the client’s chosen company name, incorporates private companies limited by shares and limited liability partnerships, attaches supporting data documents, and files online.  


Benefits of IRIS Company Administration

IRIS Company Secretarial provides you with the forms required by Companies House, along with minutes and the ability to file online. You'll also have a full e-file audit trial for the status of each job. Company Formations eliminate formation agent costs and free staff time for higher value work through automated, quick and simple incorporation of companies, as well as saving money.    


Easy to use  

Get started with ease, thanks to the step-by-step formation wizard to guide you on data entry. Enables you to prepare documents quickly and simply using templates, and gives you common forms and standard wording. A simple tool bar provides single click access to all key functionality. 


Save money

These products help to cut your costs. Save up to £27 for every annual confirmation statement filed online and save up to £70 per formation by filing electronically. File a standard incorporation which can save you £30 if submitted electronically (cost £10 electronically or £40 by post, paid directly to Companies House).

Boost efficiency

Integration with other products in the IRIS accountancy portfolio means any changes automatically trigger the appropriate forms, saving time and improving accuracy. Drawing on the IRIS database saves you time and effort when creating new companies. Information such as directors and share capital flows back into the database, simplifying the production of final accounts, creating tax returns and future company secretarial work.


IRIS OpenSpace helps you work closer and more intuitively with your clients. 
You can upload, store and approve documents online. It's in 'The Cloud' so it's always accessible from any location, 
and it's fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite making it quick and easy to use.
You can store as much as you like, for as long as you like. 
If you are a UK based accountancy business we will even give you 1GB of free storage to get you started.
Additional space can easily be purchased from as little as £5 per GB per month or get a 15% discount 
for an annual subscription to 10GB by clicking the web store link above.

IRIS Company Formations and Company Secretarial provides instant solutions for:

  • Checking for availability of the client’s chosen company name
  • Incorporating private companies limited by shares or LLPs
  • Attaching supporting data documents
  • Filing the same day and online
  • Eliminating company formation agent costs
  • Tracking the status of incorporations on one simple report
  • Attaching supporting data documents in PDF format - e.g. for use when sending supporting evidence
  • Mass producing identical clients for incorporation


“IRIS Company Secretarial ensures that nothing is overlooked. If anything changes, such as a director resigning, the software automatically determines in the background that a form is required to submit to Companies House. It produces the form, ready for printing, signing and filing electronically with Companies House - all at the touch of a button.”                                                Stoten Gillam 


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