IRIS OpenSpace

IRIS OpenSpace Overview


Work closer and more intuitively with your clients - you can upload and store documents online and as it's always there and accessible from anywhere.

IRIS OpenSpace is fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite - any document prepared in your IRIS accounts, tax or practice management software can be uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace at the press of a button. The first time a document is posted for a client IRIS OpenSpace automatically creates a hierarchy of folders to store the documents.

Once the document has been uploaded, the client receives an automated notification that a document is waiting for them to approve online using the e-Approval feature.

Your clients can approve any PDF document within minutes. Having received an alert indicating a document is awaiting their approval, they view and approve the document using their smartphone or laptop, whichever they prefer. You’ll then receive notification once the document has been approved.

This ability to shorten the time it takes to gain client feedback and approval is invaluable,especially when HMRC deadlines are fast approaching.

However, IRIS OpenSpace is not restricted to the IRIS Accountancy Suite and documents outside of IRIS can also be uploaded to IRIS OpenSpace by accountant or client/s for exchange and review.

  • Exchange documents at the touch of a button
  • Obtain client approval electronically quickly and legally
  • Fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite
  • Easily upload reportsdirectly at the same time you print
  • Clients can uploadtheir business documents too
  • Safe and secure with industry standard SSL encryption and password controlled access on an individual basis
  • Complying with UK Data Protection rules all documents are stored on servers based in the EU
  • Flexible solution pay for the space you require month by month at £5 per GB
  • Quick and easy to use
  • No software to install, run or maintain

IRIS OpenSpace provides the ideal mechanism for increased collaboration between practice and client. Accountants can securely share a draft set of accounts, a tax return or a financial statement with the client, while clients can send bank statements, payslips and trial balances.


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