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IRIS Practice Audit


IRIS Practice Audit is a consultancy service comprising an on-site visit (to multiple offices, if necessary) and a written report.

IRIS consultants not only know IRIS inside out, they also work with IRIS customers across the UK every day, helping them to apply best practice. They understand what your practice needs from the software in terms of performance and support and know, in-depth, how it can eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your processes.

By undertaking an IRIS Practice Audit you can be sure that you are getting the most of your IRIS Software.

Things to consider:

  • Staffturnover means that recent hires miss out on user training and learn as they go along

  • Your practice has changed since you bought IRIS and you've implemented new processes

  • Your're not making best used, or even aware, of newly released functionality aligning IRIS with the changing needs of your profession

  • Reporting against deadlines is time-consuming and frustrating

  • Taking on new clients is a protracted process

  • You're apprehensive about the fast approaching implementation of HMRC's Making Tax Digital reforms


Key benefits:

Optimise your software

Book a practice audit and an IRIS consultant will visit your office(s) to discuss with your senior  partners and team how they currently use IRIS, identify where there is potential to accelerate process and make considerable time-savings.

Maximise your potential 

Gain confidence that you're using everything that IRIS offers to your business, and with maxiumum impact. 

Greater efficiency 

Accountants who implement post-audit recommendations free up resources within their practice as clients work flows more smoothly and takes less time. 

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