IRIS Practice Management

IRIS Practice Management works as the hub of your business. It gives you an integrated view of all client data, relationships and activities. You’ll be able to plan, manage, track and control staff, clients, jobs and communications by sharing the same single database as your IRIS Accountancy Suite.   

  • Effective solution to store and maintain client data and make it easily accessible
  • A real-time, single, unified view of your clients and your practice
  • Supports five major aspects of running a practice: job planning; workflow; communication tracking; data mining; staff planning
  • Customers say it saves an additional 2.5 hours per person per month
  • Get instant views into the practice’s performance and instant up-to-date client data


The Challenge

Accountancy practices need a way to store and maintain all client data in one place and for it to be easily accessible when required. This includes the various associated documents generated throughout the customer lifecycle. Firms often lack tools to make clear what the current status of the jobs and workflows are. You require a system that will manage all work done for the clients and ensure the deadlines are met.


The Solution

IRIS Practice Management is a centralised hub for storing and sharing all your client data, with workflow, tracking of all communications with clients, and powerful data mining. Plan, allocate, track and monitor progress and workflow to ensure the best use of your resources. Helps you target higher fee generating activity by analysing jobs and customers to determine profitability and return on investment.   


Benefits of IRIS Practice Management 

IRIS Practice Management is a centralised hub for storing and sharing all of your client data. It solves the problem of holding and maintaining this information and making it easily accessible. It includes workflow, tracking of correspondence and powerful data mining functionality.




Get instant views into the practice’s performance, solving the problem firms often have with lacking the ability to see and track progress. Provides the ability to actively manage workflows, jobs and tasks and gives a holistic view of these. Makes it easy for the users to monitor the important deadlines and ensure the job stages are completed on time.


Time saver 

Customers using IRIS Practice Management tell us they save an additional 2.5 hours per person per month. Automates back office tasks and workflows management, and enables quick access of various customer documents, all in one place. Provides quick access to client information from IRIS database through the advanced searches capabilities of data mining. 


Full integration with the IRIS Accountancy Suite provides efficiency and cost savings. Other solutions it’s integrated with in the suite include Accounts Production, Business Tax, Personal Tax and Staff Planning. It helps increase users’ productivity and ensures seamless process of managing the jobs workflows. 


IRIS OpenSpace helps you work closer and more intuitively with your clients. 
You can upload, store and approve documents online. It's in 'The Cloud' so it's always accessible from any location, 
and it's fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite making it quick and easy to use.
You can store as much as you like, for as long as you like. 
If you are a UK based accountancy business we will even give you 1GB of free storage to get you started.
Additional space can easily be purchased from as little as £5 per GB per month or get a 15% discount 
for an annual subscription to 10GB by clicking the web store link above.

IRIS Practice Management provides instant solutions for:

  • Accountancy firms lacking the ability to define detailed workflows for the jobs and track progress
  • Practices finding it difficult to monitor important deadlines for jobs and ensure job stages are completed on time
  • Streamlining core practice business processes 
  • Maintaining templates and easily generating client documents using IRIS AutoMail 
  • Practices looking to manage their business more efficiently. Practice Reporting unlocks the information in the IRIS databsse allowing users to create reports on the things that matter most to the practice
  • Maximising productivity - IRIS Staff Planning is easy to use, gives instant visibility of staff schedules and a complete view of the entire practice workload


“IRIS Practice Management is brilliant in helping me to meet the deadlines by quickly identifying which clients are most urgent, and this capability will be an additional timesaver for me" Read More                                                                       Accounts Resource 

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