IRIS Payroll Business is a user-friendly and powerful small business payroll software starting from just £96 per year for new customers. 

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Compliance with Auto Enrolment Legislation

The Workplace Pension Reforms have provided the biggest shake-up to payroll and pensions in years. Businesses of all sizes need powerful, user-friendly and capable payroll software to manage the regular calculations that auto enrolment entails. IRIS Payroll Business helps keep your business compliant with the reforms through full integration with the industry's leading and most comprehensive auto enrolment solution, the IRIS AE Suite™.


Detailed Absence & Holiday Diary

IRIS Payroll Business's powerful functionality mean it comes with a comprehensive absence and holiday diary as standard. This not only monitors time off work, but also calculates statutory pay. By simply selecting each date within the employee's calendar, the software automatically provides the amount of statutory sick pay to be paid to the employee, and then dynamically inserts this into your payroll run.



Online Filing of Forms with HMRC - Including P45s

Gone are the days of time-consuming and longwinded submissions for important documentation with HMRC. With IRIS Payroll Business, everything can be done within the software itself, whilst also keeping an audit trail of documentation sent over for auditing purposes.

Automatic Month-end P32 Summary Updates

    IRIS Payroll Business automatically provides P32 updates after each payroll run. This means you know exactly how much is owed for PAYE to HMRC each month of the tax year and can keep up with payments made.


Multiple Payments & Deductions

Need payroll software which dynamically enables you to pay employees one-off payments or deduct specific amounts? IRIS Payroll Business has you covered. The software's user-friendly design means that you can pay your workforce their usual salary, whilst adding one-off payments for bonuses, commission etc. for some, and deducting salary for whatever reason for others.

Rollback Past Date - Including Payslips

Each payroll run is backed-up and stored, meaning that should you ever need to go back to a specific payroll run for whatever reason, everything is there waiting for you. This functionality also stems to payslips, enabling you to keep a log of all employee payslips distributed through the software in the past. 



In-depth Reporting Functionality

The in-depth reporting feature enables you to select the reports you use as standard for a comprehensive range of reports. Everything from absence and holiday reports to costing and overtime summaries are available within the software as standard.

Unlimited Platinum Support

IRIS Payroll Business comes with our award-winning unlimited Platinum support as standard. This gives you access to payroll support from experts with over 35 years' experience in developing, maintaining and updating payroll software. Should you ever need support, we've got you covered.


HMRC-recognised Software

All of our payroll products have received recognition from the HMRC, meaning that you will always remain compliant to the latest legislation. All you need to concentrate on is running your payroll. IRIS Payroll Business is HMRC-recognised, meaning you know you're getting powerful, effective payroll software to help your business stay compliant with current and future legislation changes.


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