KashFlow Payroll

Company management

Manage one or more payrolls

Unlimited employees, multiple companies and payment schedules - KashFlow Payroll is just as good with simple and complex payrolls.

Multiple Companies
One-click switch between companies to manage multiple payrolls easily. There's no limit to the number of companies you can manage through KashFlow Payroll.

Reminders and Alerts
There are a number of payroll obligations that require action from the employer so KashFlow Payroll prompts you to take action when needed.

Payments and Receipts
Manage P32 payments to HMRC and enter refund receipts for statutory overpayments. 

Company Departments
Organise employees into company groups and departments for reporting purposes. Analyse costs by department. 


Instant access company dashboards

Company Management Features

  • Company dashboard - Instantly see where your payroll is, your year's payroll cost and any important alerts.
  • Setup wizard - Our guided setup process takes you step-by-step through moving your company payroll online.
  • Activate payrolls - Switch on weekly or monthly payrolls at any time if you need multiple payment schedules.
  • Job titles - You can easily specify your own company job titles for HMRC and reporting purposes.
  • Deliver payslips online - Choose to extend the benefits of cloud payroll to your employees with online access to their pay records.
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