KashFlow Payroll

RTI Submissions

Real time, on time

Built to make your experience painless, KashFlow Payroll automatically handles all your real-time submissions.

Designed for RTI
We created KashFlow Payroll expressly for RTI. We designed our innovative payroll engine and interface for RTI from the outset.

Fully automatic
You don't need any special RTI knowledge because KashFlow Payroll will do all the filing for you - on time and online - even if you've logged out and gone home.

Recognised by HMRC
KashFlow Payroll has achieved RTI Recognition for 2012-13 and 2013-14 and we've been part of the RTI Pilot scheme, working closely with HMRC to get RTI right.


Automatic submission status for pay date

RTI Features

  • Guiding you to compliance - If you need to take any manual action to perform the RTI submission correctly then KashFlow Payroll will advise you accordingly.
  • End of year - KashFlow Payrolll will ask you the year end Questions and Declarations before letting you proceed to complete the year.
  • Logs and submission detail - Check all the RTI submissions KashFlow Payroll has made for you and inspect the actual FPS or EPS data submitted to HMRC.
  • Irregular payments - If you don't pay an employee in a period, KashFlow Payroll will ask you to give them a special status required by HMRC.
  • Verified evidence of submission - In case you ever have to talk to HMRC about a submission, KashFlow Payroll stores verified IR marks for each successful filing.
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