Earnie Business


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Whether you are new to running the payroll or an experienced professional, Earnie Business meets your payroll requirements; providing many useful payroll features for a low price. It also offers the flexibility of defining payments and deductions for your specific business needs.

Earnie Business is intuitive and easy-to-use with clear screens and straightforward layout.  A library of straightfoward reports means you can easily get the information you need.

Key features

  • Easily manages your payroll so your employees and paid quickly and simply
  • Handles CIS calculations and payments (optional module)
  • Includes full history and absence features
  • Comprehensive reports are easy to produce
  • HMRC recognised and RTI ready
  • Saves time by integrating with a range of other business software
  • Additional option for payroll bureau software is also available
  • Easy upgrade to a larger solution should your payroll expand
  • Optional modules include Spreadsheet Import for fast data entry
  • Works with P11D Organiser and IRIS HR Manager
  • Digital payslips available with IRIS Open Payslips
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