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Become a payroll powerhouse

No matter the size of your accountancy practice, IRIS has the right payroll solution for YOU.

That means you can expand your business, win over bigger clients, and enter new sectors – all while handling pay for thousands of staff your way.

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Meet customer demand

Build in new capacity for payroll, ensuring no client walks away disappointed.

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Bring in more money

Handle payroll at volume while your team concentrates on adding other revenue streams.

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Create a better place to work

Pass on the burden of payroll so your team can take a breath in a recruitment-friendly environment.

Increase the capacity of your practice with IRIS Outsourcing

With IRIS Outsourcing, our experts and accounting specialists fill in any knowledge gaps and add extra capacity to your practice.

Introduce reliable, essential talent to:

  • Scale up: You’ll be able to take on additional work and offer new services
  • Save time: Spend less time and money on admin, hiring and training internal talent
  • Save money: It is cheaper than hiring internally and you will get access to a whole team of experts
  • Attract & retain: Give your admin tasks to our team, allowing your talent to focus on their growth

We can work with any payroll software you have (including non-IRIS products) and help you in other areas like bookkeeping, year-end accounts preparation, iXBRL tagging, and making tax digital (MTD).

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IRIS Outsourcing

IRIS has specialised teams that can manage payroll… wherever your clients do business

Gone are painful payroll obligations and the stress of rising customer expectations. Instead, you can expand your business in new, sophisticated ways, keeping your company competitive.

  • Go global – our teams can handle staff pay anywhere in the world
  • Get peace of mind with ever-changing legislation
  • Refocus on critical tasks
  • Make life easier for your hard-working staff

Take a weight off your mind and your business – let us do the hard work.

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Unlock the possibilities of cloud-powered payroll software

Whether you need to look after 50 employees or 5,000, Staffology Bureau software makes it easy. Designed specifically to meet the unique demands of multi-company payroll service provision, Staffology Bureau is known for its simple setup and wealth of features:

  • Automation – let cloud-powered payroll run while you sleep
  • Stay safe with externally backed-up software
  • Link seamlessly with a comprehensive API
  • Work accurately using one set of records shared across users

Take your business to the next level with Staffology Bureau now.

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Make money, and let us do the rest in the ultimate reselling partnership

Sometimes payroll isn’t how you add value for your clients. By partnering with IRIS, you can sell your customers software that does this job… and then concentrate on where you really shine.

  • Expand your service offering while delighting your clients
  • Improve client retention
  • Attract new clients by creating differentiation
  • Capitalise on the rapidly growing software market

We provide you with everything you need to deliver fast results with minimum effort, resources, and time needed from your firm.

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