What can IRIS HR Pro do for you?

Check out our library of videos to see how our cloud-based HR software, IRIS HR Pro, can help you work smarter.




Small businesses face a range of people management challenges every day, but IRIS HR Pro can help you find better ways of working.

Watch the video to see how our cloud-based software can help lighten all your HR burdens.


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Absence management

How can you empower your people to handle their holiday requests and also provide managers with greater insights?

Watch the video to discover how you can speed up and streamline your absence management with IRIS HR Pro by eliminating your manual systems and spreadsheets.


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Paperless HR

Are you looking for a smarter way to manage HR?

No-one wants to be trapped in one location, chained to a desktop, paper documents or filing cabinets. Don’t worry – watch our video to see how IRIS HR Pro can help you ditch the paper!


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Managing your HR processes can be incredibly difficult, but by implementing HR self-service, you can save yourself time and empower your people.

Check out our video to see how IRIS HR Pro can help you achieve a more flexible business.


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Avoiding employment tribunals

In addition to the yearly legislative changes, the current climate created by COVID-19 has placed a lot of pressure on professionals to manage various employment rules and regulations.

Watch our video to see how IRIS HR Pro can help with this responsibility.

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