Learn more about BioStore Identity Management

BioStore Identity Management is a comprehensive identity and access management solution. It provides a simple, yet smart, identity framework that leverages your existing IT assets to reduce costs and ensure compliance.

With BioStore Identity Management, you can make sure your organisation has the most up-to-date user identity information. You always retain control at the business level by managing, provisioning, and de-provisioning of identities both on a local system, and through a cloud extension. Its streamlined user administration and processes helps organisations reduce costs, increase productivity and security, and be GDPR compliant.

What BioStore can do for you

BioStore has been developing identity management technologies since 2005, providing high quality, secure, systems for organisations that make it easy to manage – via one secure central database – all the various software applications in use. Users only need one secure authentication on the identity management system to access a range of applications.

Attendance & Registration
BioStore Identity Management, through the use of biometrics, smartcards, Pins or Passwords can be used to accurately record attendance. Students or employees can simply register their attendance with nothing more than a quick scan or Pin entry using the overall identity management system to seamlessly and easily record attendance and access other services.

Password Manager

Password Manager eliminates the burden of requesting replacement passwords or PINs. Any user who is registered in BioStore’s Identity Management via biometrics, smartcards or PIN, and who forgets a password, can use one of the Password Manager enabled devices to retrieve their password.


No more registering users into several systems, no more out-of-sync databases

No more running around the building to deactivate a user in several different applications; make access to the building and to sensitive documents secure

Reduced security risk and auditing costs. The system holds the record for all access changes and approvals

Improved accuracy and reduced costs associated with the provisioning and de-provisioning of user access

Key features


Integrates with all leading Management Information Systems


Use a combination of cards, biometrics and PINs


Automate user provisioning to any system or application


Satisfy GDPR compliance and audit requirements