BioStore Cashless Catering

With IRIS BioStore your organisation can go completely cashless. This cost-effective approach improves kitchen service and operations, whilst making your catering offering simple and attractive to users in your organisation. By integrating with the IRIS BioStore Identity Management solution, users no longer need to bring anything with them to access catering services; they can use the same authentication that they use elsewhere in the organisation.

Cashless catering works by allowing users to pay for their meals in advance. They can log into their online account at a time convenient for them (either from their own device, or using self-service kiosks onsite) to top up their funds or to view their transaction and payment history. They may opt to use the auto-top-up feature for further ease if they wish. Once inside the canteen, payment is withdrawn with nothing but a simple authentication of your organisation’s choosing, whether that be biometric fingerprints, smartcards, password or PIN.

Products and meal choices are laid out in a simple and attractive way, allowing for both fast choice-selection and fast processing of purchases. Transactions are quick and easy, reducing queuing times and freeing up time for canteen staff and employees.

Staff can pre-order meals and top up their balance online.

It’s simple and quick to use at the till, so there’s reduced queuing, freeing up everyone’s time.

Less cash and cheques mean less admin for staff.

Payments are fully auditable on a reliable and secure payment system.