IRIS Financials for Education

Our integrated administrative products are designed to work together as a comprehensive suite. Our solutions include accountancy, budgeting, HR, asset management and data analytics.

Made for education, our comprehensive suite of software tools allows you to streamline processes and increase efficiency

The IRIS Financials suite (formerly PS Financials) is specifically designed to meet the needs of multi-site, multi-entity education institutions, across every department.

Over 11,000 education organisations rely on our products to automate their administration and streamline critical operation tasks.

We help our clients to become more agile, compliant and efficient by centralising the management of all critical educational functions.

Perfect your education productivity levels with financial software

IRIS Analytics can help you to eliminate the risk of human error by driving efficiency, fine tuning reporting and streamlining operational management for schools.

  • Unified ledger technology empowers users to generate accurate, up-to-date reports.
  • View data across all locations or drill down into specific schools for incisive reports.
  • Streamline financial management and reporting and plan your spending with financial confidence.
  • Reduce administrative workloads, automate manual processes and manage facilities and resources
  • Specifically designed for the complex reporting requirements of the education sector.

Harness your critical education data with the right software

IRIS Financials suite can help you with day-to-day management tasks, drawing in real-time data from finance, HR, payroll and MIS systems. The user-friendly interface allows you to interrogate and cross-reference this wealth of information to find the answers required for making better decisions.

  • Combine and analyse data from disparate sources, and calculate the true cost per pupil
  • Analyse and identify skill gaps, patterns of absence and staff shortages
  • Show the relationship between financial and other performance related data
  • Visualise complex data to generate insights, and assess the effectiveness of intervention strategies
  • Ensure compliance with statutory requirements with IRIS Analytics.

Track and manage complex education budgets with financial software

IRIS Financial Planner enables you to build robust budgets and plan with financial confidence up to five years in advance. With dynamic analysis and reporting, plus a range of helpful tools, IRIS Financial Planner empowers you to think strategically.

  • Updated annually, the funding predictor provides calculations that cover AWPU, derivation, FSM, EAL, LAC, lump sums, high-needs places, MFG, ESG protection and more
  • Payroll reconciliation and budget monitoring. Eliminate the risk of human error and save time.
  • Apply scenarios and control at a local or group level, and generate accurate forecasts
  • Simplify and streamline the budget planning process

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Why choose IRIS?

Flexible, functional finance management

Unified ledger technology is always in balance, eliminating the need to reconcile separate ledgers. Provide stakeholders with easy access to budgets and clear, accurate financial data, so you can make informed financial decisions.

Supporting people and managing staff with HR functionality

Manage training, absences and recruitment across any number of school or college locations. Evolve the recruitment and management of your most important resource, and improve your ability to plan, budget and develop your education organisational strategy.

Cost-efficient Asset management

Save on costs by monitoring your assets at all times, and increase asset utilisation rates, enabling you to do more with your existing assets. Manage your trusts facilities and resources with ease with IRIS Assets over one location or a hundred, and ensure compliance with statutory requirements.

Empowering engagement and communications

Empower your school or college to go above and beyond in your responsibility to the student and parent community. Simplify your busy office team’s important tasks and make it easy to contact parents, by newsletter, email or text message.

Chelsea Academy

The system has enabled me to work smarter, rather than harder. It’s a highly intuitive system, which I would recommend to any MAT or large academy.
Chelsea Academy, IRIS Financials Suite users
Beckfoot Trust love IRIS Financials’ user-friendly interface

Beckfoot Trust is a ten-school trust based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Their old financial management system wasn’t able to keep up as they moved from a single school to a multi-academy trust, so it was time for change.

Durrington MAT use IRIS Financials to operate efficiently

Durrington Multi Academy Trust includes a primary school and high school, serving a community of nearly 2000 students. As such, the leadership team understand the importance of efficient operations and are utilising a suite of IRIS Education solutions.

Product offering

IRIS Financials
IRIS Financials (formerly PS Financials) is an industry-leading unified ledger system. Always in balance and with no need to reconcile separate ledgers, our integrated financial management software empowers staff to take greater control of finances with powerful reporting, automation, and ease of use.
  • Take back hours sent manually copying data between ledgers – IRIS Financials automatically does this for you
  • Your data exists in a single location and is automatically kept up to date, allowing you to enjoy simplified, accurate reporting
  • Powerful automation greatly reduces period end work, and automates complex tasks such as month-end cost allocations.
IRIS Analytics
Make informed decisions with business intelligence software. We take the pain out of combining and analysing information from multiple sources. Interactive business intelligence dashboards help you to maximise the value of your school or college’s resources.
  • Calculate the true cost of your expenditure and individual initiatives
  • Identify the impact of extending, shortening or changing educational and organisational strategies
  • Produce charts, graphs and reports that bring meaning to finance
  • Assess the effectiveness of ongoing strategies for your school or college
  • Compare costs and outcomes across your educational organisation
IRIS Financial Planner
Complex school and trust budgeting can be made simple with financial planning. Discover the power to control every aspect of your budget.
  • See the bigger picture & provide your stakeholders with a long-term plan
  • A secure, dynamic & user friendly school budgeting system
  • Simplify and streamline the budget planning process across your School
  • No more importing of budgets
  • Natural integration into your core financial management software.
IRIS Engage for Education
Parent engagement platform designed to make all interaction and communication with parents easier, less expensive, faster and more effective.
  • Mobile parent app with push notification messaging
  • Text, email and letters with multiple inboxes
  • Parents’ evening manager
  • Forms to request parental permission
  • SIMS-linked documents
  • Absence and punctuality management
  • Social media manager
IRIS PlusPay
We make life easier for schools and parents with flexible online payments.
  • Utilise multiple registers for different payment requirements
  • Automated reminders and low balance notifications to alert parents to payments due
  • Advance bookings functionality collects club bookings, menu options and payments in a single process
  • Flexible payment options including credit and debit card, PayPoint, PayPal, cash and cheque (free school meals and pupil premium functionality)
  • Dynamic reporting suite to support finance teams
  • Integration with leading MIS, ParentMail, IRIS Engage and cashless catering providers.
IRIS Assets
Asset management and compliance made easy. Centrally manage and track your organisation’s assets and statutory compliance across single or multiple locations, and access this data from anywhere and on any device.
  • Meet statutory obligations throughout your organisation
  • Sync asset data in real time across all locations
  • Upload intangible assets such as documents and contracts
  • Ensure regular maintenance is carried out and remove manual processes
  • Enjoy flexible drill-down reporting
  • Access data anywhere with Cloud-based asset management features
  • Produce accurate and detailed asset data reports that can run automatically
  • Reports can be set to run automatically.
PS Cloud
PS Cloud accounting software forms the backbone of the IRIS Financials suite (formerly PS Financials). Securely hosted in a UK-based data centre, PS Cloud ensures that your files and applications are always available, from any location.
  • Access to your files and applications 24/7/365 from anywhere with an internet connection
  • Double-layer authentication and automatic back-ups to a secure secondary location
  • Standby diesel generators, uninterrupted power supplies and multiple redundant data carriers
  • We will proactively manage both your IRIS Financials applications and your IT infrastructure.
PS People
Advanced HR and payroll management that works hand in hand with the rest of the IRIS Financials suite (formerly PS Financials). Evolve the recruitment and management of your most important resource. Continually updated for the latest legislation, PS People is fully compliant with educational regulations.
  • Build out powerful HR workflows to automate complex processes
  • Make use of an intuitive, functionally rich payroll management system
  • Easy-to-use, flexible workflow designer
  • Define rules governing procedures, actions and documents
  • Clear visibility of every process at every stage, and a full audit trail
  • Full digital audit trail
  • Empower employees with an easy-to-use portal.