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Available 24/7, our self-service IRIS HR software empowers your employees to manage a chunk of the tasks that would usually take up your time. Cloud-based and accessible from anywhere, it also integrates with our IRIS Payroll solutions.

Compliance and efficiency

IRIS HR includes a number of essential features that will help to comply with employment legislation, reduce your administrative load and improve how you manage your workforce.
  • Available 24/7, IRIS HR enables your employees to manage many of the tasks that can take over a lot of your time.
  • Secure, cloud-based online access; there’s no software to download or update, and no hardware to maintain.
  • Compliant with UK data protection legislation an GDPR.
  • Accessible via Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet.
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Record and store details of employees, their role, contract and salary info, emergency contact details and company equipment which has been issued. Storing this information electronically can help with employment legislation.

Employees can easily submit holiday and sickness requests to their line manager to approve or decline. IRIS HR keeps track of used, pending and available absence totals, automatically calculates an individual’s Bradford Factor and provides a team calendar of leave booked by colleagues.

Enable employees to quickly source contact details of colleagues throughout your organisation. Users with administrator permissions can view details of leavers and any new starters you have joining.

IRIS HR’s reporting suite can help to drive your HR strategy, and is available across a multitude of HR-related areas. Reports allow you to analyse broad, top-level trends across your organisation down to more granular levels for deeper understanding.

Key Features

Company handbook and documents

Provide a digital version of your company handbook, policies and procedures for staff to access online. You can also attach relevant documents against employee records; for example, appraisals, CRB checks or job descriptions.

Reminders and alerts

Ensure important activities never get missed. Send reminders that automatically trigger for key events such as end of probation, length of service, birthdays or training reviews, etc.


This powerful tool allows HR administrators to create and assign tasks for individuals as well as groups of employees. This is especially useful for creating induction tasks for new starters and setting time limits when these actions must be completed by. The tool will be turned on for all users, although administrators can turn it off if desired.

ACAS-approved letter templates

Users of IRIS HR have access to a wide range of ACAS-approved letter templates which cover a wide range of HR-related topics such as hiring staff, managing employees and disciplinary procedures. Having correct draft letters, forms and checklists can save you time and help you manage business information quickly and easily.

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