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When working in a busy business, we know there’s no such thing as a ‘typical day’.

But, by using HR systems, such as IRIS HR Professional, you can ensure greater productivity by eliminating your daily admin and streamlining core HR processes such as holidays and absence management, reporting, onboarding and engagement.

By simplifying these tasks with cloud HR software doing the hard work for you, you can ensure engaged employees and better business processes; freeing up your time so you can deal with whatever else comes your way.

Simplifying your day-to-day

IRIS HR Professional covers all aspects of your day-to-day HR tasks, without making you pay for additional features you don’t need.

The core functionality of our HR software ensures processes are quick and simple while our modular approach provides the opportunity for your software to grow alongside your business; allowing you to add and remove helpful optional extras.

The HR tasks you deal with take time and money, so by stopping, assessing and streamlining areas, you can save a huge amount of resources which can be re-focused on other parts of your business and workforce.

What’s more, your software is cloud-based so everything is stored online. This means your online HR software can be accessed remotely from anywhere. Perfect for those working from home or when you need to work outside of your office.


Martyn Verity, Senior Partner at Cantelowes

IRIS HR Professional

“Our team members have found the app very easy to get to grips with and all are very happy. The system has removed the old ‘clunky’ method we adopted making it much easier for the team when requesting holidays or reporting illness.”

Regis Mutual

Helen Peckham, Head of Human Resources

IRIS HR Professional

“It’s really lots of little things that have made us value IRIS HR Professional, perhaps the biggest being how the software helps us adhere to our regulatory obligations. As a HR tool, it’s a great system to use, and I’d like to invest more time in exploring the possibilities of how else it can help us enhance our HR offering.”

Hodgkinsons Solicitors

Marie Leary, Assistant Director

IRIS HR Professional

““Our HR management system is cloud-based and accessible on mobile, tablet or laptops from virtually anywhere in the world – which is convenient for both employees and management. I frequently receive absentee requests outside of working hours from an employee’s IRIS HR Professional’s phone app – and I’m able to process that request on my mobile before I even arrive in the office.””


Jayne Oates, Executive Director, People & Performance

IRIS HR Professional

““We love the fact that with IRIS HR Professional, you can initially set up the basic functionality required, such as the HR module, and then add on additional modules as our business and its needs grow. For example, since we signed with IRIS HR Professional in January 2016, we have added on both payroll and recruitment modules.””

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Customise Your HR Software

Expenses Module

Using our Expenses Module, you can enable employees to quickly record expenses and submit them to the appropriate person for approval all in one convenient system.

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Form Builder Module

Our Form Builder Module enables you to house documents securely online for quick access, providing the option to utilise bespoke or pre-built forms.

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Performance Module

Our Performance Module provides you with the tools to easily create Personal Development Plans that can help boost the engagement and productivity of your employees.

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Recruitment Module

Our Recruitment Module provides a range of functionality, including applicant evaluation and candidate engagement to ensure the process is more efficient and effective.

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Rota Module

Our Rota Module is a centralised area where managers can create rotas, informing their staff of any shift changes or updates.

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Training Module

Our Training Module provides you with all the tools needed to support this forward-thinking culture, helping you maximise the potential of your workforce.

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Timesheet Module

Our Timesheet Module makes it simple for your employees to record their hours worked along with any overtime, streamlining the submission and approval process.

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The amount of time saved by eliminating HR admin and data entry is phenomenal. Automation and self-service both play a role in reducing the number of incoming requests so you can focus on other areas of the business.

Keep a concrete and transparent record of holidays, sicknesses, rotas, overtime and employee details, making it easy to update and report upon using the simple built-in processes.

Care for, train and support the development of all your employees to ensure that they can excel in their role, which makes them more productive and engaged, ultimately benefiting the business.

Store, maintain and update employee records easily and securely within the cloud, ensuring compliance with GDPR and other workplace rules and regulations.

Key Features

Data recording

Our software stores all your employee data in one central and secure location, including business-critical information, employment contracts, payroll data, absences, holidays and much more.

Task automation

Simply build processes within IRIS HR Professional that automate day-to-day tasks for both you and your employees, including holiday reminders, missing data prompts and company policy updates.

Expense management

Enable employees to easily create expense claims, attach their receipts and send to their managers for approval whilst in the office or on the go using our mobile app.


Enable employees to take ownership of their personal data and work-life admin tasks such as logging absences, updating bank account details and checking payslips.