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Using configurable codes and automatic exchange rate conversions, our module ensures your employees can quickly and accurately record their expenses and submit them for approval.

Thanks to the cloud-functionality, users can access the system from anywhere at any time, meaning they can submit their expenses from home or on the go. Also, the built-in reporting function provides the opportunity for you to easily track how money is being spent across your entire business.

An easy way for staff to manage their expenses

Provide employees with an on-the-go system in which they can input expenses whenever they want, wherever they are, reducing the administrative work required when in the office.

The module streamlines submissions, allowing users to submit every file that payroll needs to be able to process their expenses, such as their claims, receipts and any accompanying documents.

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Easily differentiate expenses, using varying filters and definitions on what is being claimed, such as food or accommodation.

Cloud-functionality enables employees to log in to the system from any location, at any time, meaning they can submit expenses whenever is best for them.

Once submitted, expenses can be configured to be sent to as many approval authorities as you want, ensuring the right people always have visibility.

Run reports and export data on expense history to track where money is being spent, ensuring that the claims are not exceeding your company limits.

Key Features

Recording system

The intuitive expense recording system allows you to track multiple expense claims per trip and organise them by type, client and date.


Run reports on expense information to gain insights into how much each department is expensing, what types of expense are highest and how many are still being processed.

Cloud functionality

All documents are saved securely on the cloud, enabling managers to access them at any time and providing employees with the option to submit from anywhere.


Place the submission responsibility on employees, so managers don’t have to waste time chasing, freeing up their day-to-day.

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