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IRIS HR Professional’s Form Builder Module enables you to digitally replicate any paper-based form you may have in your office and hold the completed versions against employee files.

With the module, you have the flexibility to decide if you want to create the forms yourself using the builder functionality or choose from the various pre-built options.

Digitising your processes

Using the cloud, all forms are created and stored on the system, so you don’t have to worry about losing them or wasting space in your office filing them.

Additionally, the functionality digitises key HR processes such as exit interviews and wellbeing surveys which can be sent directly to your employees to complete, enabling you to acquire valuable feedback on their experience with the business.

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The module helps you manage your staff by recording auditable and reportable information about when training needs renewing or if tasks need completing to stay compliant.

Choose from a range of pre-built forms if your requirements are straightforward, or if you need a more complex solution, you can use our builder to create documents specific to your needs.

You can save as many forms as you want onto the system, meaning that in combination with the form builder, the possibilities are endless.

Create forms and templates to streamline tasks such as booking train tickets, requesting training or even completing appraisals.

Key Features

Simple interface

The Form Builder Module is incredibly easy to use and allows you to create and complete the forms you need at the click of a button.

Pre-built templates

We understand how busy you are and to support, our module comes with a range of pre-built reports that cover the majority of key HR processes.


The reporting functionality within the system means that you can quantify your data to ensure it’s being used to its maximum potential.

Unlimited selection

Build and save as many forms as you like to meet your ever-changing requirements, providing the opportunity for the module to grow alongside your business.

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