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Boost your employees’ engagement and manage their development using IRIS HR Professional’s Performance Module.

The module saves you time and resources by streamlining the process of creating tailored Personal Development Plans and completing staff appraisals.

Managers can also use the tool to give staff more personal and detailed objectives which helps them understand how their work impacts the wider business, ensuring a motivated and productive workforce.

Always move forward

Once you attract the best talent, you need to keep them, and an enormous part of doing that is to build a culture of development and continuous improvement. Not only does this keep your employees engaged, but it’s also the key to moving your business forward.

Using our Performance Module, you can create your own templates in line with your existing appraisal/review process to ensure employee progress is being targeted against your business’ objectives.

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Boost engagement by giving employees detailed and personal objectives based on their job role. These goals can also be linked to how they’ll impact the business, making your workforce feel more involved in the overall success.

Use the module to efficiently create Personal Development Plans for employees, showing them what they need to do to advance in their career.

Encourage managers to catch up regularly using our handy reminders and customise the frequency to suit your needs be that monthly, quarterly or annually.

Our Performance Module provides one convenient location to support talent management, saving time for both managers and employees.

Key Features

Graphical analysis

The module can take self-assessment information inputted by users and display it in a visual manner to help with performance conversations.

Competency settings

Competencies and targets can be set by managers, and these are stored in an employee’s profile, ensuring they can easily be referred to at any time.

Framework creator

Create a structured framework and follow-up alerts to ensure the required actions are taken to support employees with their development.


The Performance Module can be fully customised to meet the requirements of your business, providing the option to craft your own templates.

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