IRIS HR Professional New User Interface

As part of our ongoing efforts to continuously improve the features and functionality of IRIS HR Professional, we also want to ensure the application has a contemporary look and is intuitive to use. To this end, we have embarked on an exciting new journey to refresh the User Interface (UI).

Below we have tried to address the most common questions raised by customers.

What do we mean by User Interface (UI)?

The user interface (UI) refers to the appearance or presentation of a website, including colours, layout, typography, buttons and other design elements.

What will be changing?

With the new UI we will be changing the way IRIS HR Pro looks, for example:

1 Larger and more contrasted elements

2 Text and background colour contrast have been changed to improve readability

3 Addition of visual clues helping users to avoid missing important information

These areas we highlighted as concerns from a customer survey conducted in May 2021

Why are you making this change?

As part of our ongoing efforts to continuously improve the functionality of IRIS HR Professional, we also want to make ensure it is intuitive for everyone.

  1. Consistency the new UI will ensure each screen across the product has a consistent approach leading to a more intuitive user experience
  2. Improved accessibility we are ensuring that all users, including people with disabilities, have a better user experience and can more easily access and view information
  3. Modern look and feel. By listening to our customers, incorporating accessibility best practice and with some great UI design we want to ensure IRIS HR Professional keeps pace with the modern world.

Is there a cost for the new UI?

No there is no additional charge for the new UI

What do I have to do to prepare for the new UI?

Nothing, the new UI will automatically be applied with the July product update. Currently planned for July 6

When you login after this date you will experience the new UI

Will I lose any data?

No all your data will be safe

I have customised my HR Pro deployment with my corporate colours and logo. Will I lose this with the new UI is applied?

With the introduction of the new user interface it may be a good opportunity to review the branding and colour scheme you are using to ensure it still looks appealing to your end users

Can I continue to use the existing UI

No, the change will be automatically applied for all users. These changes only affect the look of IRIS HR Pro. The system’s content and structure are not changing, which means that all the screens can be accessed in the exact same way as before.

We think you will find the changes not only enhance the look of the product but also make it easier to use.

Can I apply my logo and corporate colours to the new UI

Yes. To customise the HR Pro interface please follow the guidelines in the branding guide.

What should I do if I find something that doesn’t look right?

If the system is not performing as you think it should you can raise a ticket using the ‘Support System’ link on the Guide page

How can I contribute to the ongoing design changes that IRIS are planning?

If you have ideas that could further enhance the User Interface you can raise them in the ‘Big Ideas’ portal via the Guide page