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IRIS HR Professional’s Recruitment Module is the complete recruitment solution that makes advertising and filling vacancies simple and cost-effective.

It can be used to create tailored vacancy pages, screen unqualified applicants and manage the full recruitment process from application to hire. Because it’s fully integrated with the rest of our software, it also automatically updates the online HR system with details of successful candidates.

Attracting the best employees

With employer branding becoming ever more important, the impression you give off at the recruitment stage could make or break your chances of hiring the right people to help you move your business forward.

But with our Recruitment Module, the entire hiring process is made simple, providing you with the tools to define recruitment stages, complete candidate skills matching and even set up automatic candidate email correspondence.

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The Recruitment Module can be used to create job advertisements and promote them externally on your website without the help of IT, as well as internally through your system for current employees.

Design the vacancy page for your website and customise the online portal for external applicants to apply through. If you choose to use a recruitment firm, you can also provide them permission to access and upload vacancies to this page.

Implement questionnaires to help qualify candidates before they make a full submission, saving you the job of having to review applications that don’t meet the requirements.

Stay on top of your recruitment programme by auditing the status of each vacancy and monitoring your candidate pipeline. Doing this means you can manage the process with ease and optimise your recruitment media spend.

Key Features

Vacancy creator

Simply input a few details into the easy to use vacancy creator and sit back as the system creates the job listing for you.

Application tracker

Click into your job advertisements to clearly see the number of applicants for that role and the status for each of their applications.

Manager access

Hiring managers have access to candidate profiles through the system and can request interviews to be scheduled for promising applicants.

Audit trail

Utilise a clear audit trail so if someone is away, anyone can easily pick up where they left off to ensure the recruitment cycle keeps running.

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