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Use our module to provide employees with greater visibility when preparing for their upcoming shift patterns, providing weekly and hourly views.

Additionally, staff can access the Rota Module outside of work so they can always check when their next shift is, even if there’s a late change to the schedule.

A quick and easy way to create rotas

Configure rotas specifically for your business, basing them on either individual locations or grouping them under a region.

All of this detail is saved centrally on the cloud, providing you with the peace of mind of knowing where your rotas are saved and that they’re stored securely.

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The Rota Module acts as a centralised area where managers can log in to create and edit rotas they’ve made and then assign shifts, so employees always know when they’re working.

Managers can make changes to the rota at any time, and a notification will be sent to staff informing them of this, meaning late shift changes can be more easily managed.

See a crystal clear picture of your rotas, ensuring the right amount of staff have been delegated to eliminate the risk of having a day where the rota wasn’t filled.

Feel reassured that the information is held safely online, so there is never a risk that your rotas will be lost.

Key Features

User-friendly interface

The Rota creation tool is highly intuitive and allows managers to easily create bespoke rotas within minutes.

Varying access levels

Access can be configured for individual employees, so you can allow users to either view only their rotas, the stores or entire regions.

Self-service functionality

Staff can log in to the system and check the rota whenever they want, rather than reaching out to their manager.


Receive notifications when creating rotas to see who is on holiday or absent so you can always ensure the rota is filled.

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