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The IRIS HR Professional Training Module improves the management of your training programmes, fully integrating with the software to ensure employees have end-to-end support when undertaking courses.

Providing a configurable system, the module streamlines the entire process when staff are assigned onto a training course. Employees are automatically informed of where and when the training will take place, as well as supplied with any pre-requisite documents that need to be completed prior.

An online solution to manage your training

Provide your employees with an online portal in which they can search for all available courses and request to join them, at which point they’ll be given instructions and any course materials.

The module also provides reporting functionality so you can see how many employees are attending specific courses, meaning administrators can manage demands appropriately.

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Our Training Module streamlines the entire training management process by supplying employees with information on the purpose of their course, as well as providing access to any resources.

In addition to managers being able to assign courses, employees can sign up themselves to join available training sessions, enabling them to fuel their own development.

Administrators can use the reporting function to track who has attended certain courses and create delegate lists from this, meaning demand can be managed accordingly.

The module provides the opportunity for employees to leave feedback which enables you to tweak and improve your courses, ensuring you offer the most impactful training possible.

Key Features

Course organisation

Easily create a list of courses that users are booked onto in a clear table, which can be organised by date, category and subject.

Attendee tracking

The reporting function allows you to look at each course and see the status of the people associated with it, filtering to show staff who are approved, cancelled, declined, pending or waiting.

Demand management

Our module enables you to offer courses on a first come, first served basis. Simply post the training and all the information around it, including CPD hours, points and even cost.

Waiting lists

Users can access a waiting list, showing them future upcoming courses, as well as the visibility of other available training options.

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