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When you choose to outsource payroll to IRIS, you're outsourcing legislative and reporting responsibilities, too. Our BACS-Approved Payroll Bureau boasts a team of highly experienced CIPP-Accredited payroll managers who are ready to take on your Automatic Enrolment, RTI and Year-End reporting responsibilities; not to mention ensuring your employees receive their payslips month in, and month out.

Join the revolution; outsource payroll to professionals

Save time and resources, allowing you to focus on what matters most to your organisation, and your bottom line.

Improve efficiency by removing the payroll tasks you don’t love performing.

Prevent penalties by letting us manage your legislative responsibilities and monthly reporting requirements.

Ensure that your payroll is always processed using the latest technology, with our environmentally friendly OpenPayslips payslip distribution solution included as standard.

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Partners in Care

Sharon Elvin, Registered Care Manager

IRIS Managed Payroll

“With IRIS, we no longer have to worry about new legislation or updates. The changeover was very smooth and being able to give the carers’ hours on a spreadsheet each month to receive pay records and payslips by return is fantastic.”

Why IRIS Managed Payroll?

All the right qualifications

Our Managed Payroll solution boasts more than just our 40 years of payroll experience; we’re also a BACS-Accredited Bureau, which allows us to pay your employees on your behalf, and our team of Payroll Managers are all accredited by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals.

Automatic Enrolment that happens automatically

Not only do we take over your payroll run – we also take over your legislative responsibilities for Automatic Enrolment. We submit the required monthly reports to The Pensions Regulator and assess each of your employees on a monthly basis to identify who has become eligible – and if so, send the required communications and enrol them into their pension.

Accurate payroll with on-time reporting

Our first-class 99.9% accuracy rating ensures that you never have to worry about hiccups with your payroll, nor do you need to fret about penalties for non-compliance. Whether it’s Year-End, submissions to The Pensions Regulator, or even a bespoke report that you need for a board meeting, we will deliver accurately and on time with our managed payroll service.

We don’t do days off

Unlike in-house payroll teams, our Payroll Managers never take a sick day, and we don’t go on holiday either! You can rely on us to be there for you week in, week out. It’s what we’re here to do.

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