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Keytime Company Secretarial allows you to carry out company secretarial duties quickly and easily. The system is easy to use, accurate and fast – using data previously entered minimises new data entry to reduce inaccuracies.
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Helping you to avoid late filing penalties

Company Secretarial can be purchased on its own or alongside Practice Manager. It enables you to download company records directly from Companies House and create them in Practice Manager.
  • Synchronise existing company records with the data held at Companies House.
  • Filing deadlines are imported directly from Companies House.
  • Deadlines are automatically rolled forward.
  • Helps you to avoid late filing penalties.

From £626 per year + VAT

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Keytime provides instant solutions for:

Downloading company records from Companies House

Synchronising existing company records with Companies House

Saving documents to the client record

Contains over 30 of the most popular Companies House forms

Keytime Company Secretarial features


Integrates fully with IRIS OpenSpace to avoid re-entry or rekeying of data – reducing inaccuracies.


Any change to a company, officer or a PSC record automatically triggers an appropriate form and a filing reminder.


Keytime Company Secretarial handles share transactions and dividends, producing share certificates, dividend vouchers and minutes.


Links documents and forms that have been generated back to the main client record for easy future reference.

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Keytime caters for your specific software needs, providing a system that’s simple to run. It has a straightforward tax return interface which integrates tax, accounts and practice management in one place.