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Personal Tax allows you to enter your clients’ figures quickly and accurately either using our Rapid Data Entry screens or directly into the tax return boxes, so you spend less time form-filling.
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How can Keytime Personal Tax help you?

Your clients want to know how much they have to pay, so we include a comprehensive calculation summary and a range of reports for you to use.

Personal Tax includes pre-population of client data made available via the Digital Tax Account, so you can clearly see and opt to utilise the information already held by HMRC when completing the clients’ returns.

From £626 per year + VAT

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Keytime Personal Tax provides instant solutions for:

Filing online to HMRC with pre-filing validation built in

Bringing data from your clients’ digital tax accounts

Features an easy-to-use Capital Allowances calculator as standard

Has a drill-down feature to resolve submission errors

Keytime Personal Tax features


Keytime Personal Tax fully integrates with IRIS OpenSpace, reducing data re-entry and associated inaccuracies.


A dividend database that covers FTSE 100 & 250 is included at no additional cost.


Supports formats SA100 and SA800.

Easy to switch, with support

While not all specific information can be transferred, we will always bring across what we can, and informed and knowledgeable support staff are available via phone, email and online.

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Keytime caters for your specific software needs, providing a system that’s simple to run. It has a straightforward tax return interface which integrates tax, accounts and practice management in one place.