Lease Management Services

A Better way to manage your leases. Every client is different, so we provide a combination of lease management services tailored to your needs.

Lease Management Services

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Leasing assets is a great way for a business to manage their cashflow. In recent years we have seen a proliferation in the number of leases and the types of assets companies lease. Tracking existing leases, managing new leases and reporting on these leases presents a significant challenge.

From identifying existing leases to negotiating new ones, our services provide everything you need to manage and report on corporate leases — saving you time and money. Our lease management services include:

• Lease analysis
• Lease management
• Leases expiry
• Lease arrangement

How can Lease Management help my business?

IRIS provides expert help to find, compare, negotiate, and agree new leases that are right for your organisation. Our lease management services are totally transparent and we act in your interests to help you achieve full compliance.

We can help you to:
  • Understand every aspect of your organisation’s lease portfolio.
  • Determine what your business is leasing then use that information wisely.
  • Make the right choice when you have a lease ending with our lease expiry solution.
  • Find out the best way to arrange new leases.
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Comply with global accounting rule changes (IFRS 16 Leases / FASB ASC 842) requiring companies to account for leases on balance sheet.

We put you in control by analysing and recording the details of every lease you have, providing a comprehensive view of your leasing obligations – including costs, terms and renewal dates.

It’s common for leases to get neglected, leaving you with unnecessary costs. We can negotiate new lease arrangements on your behalf. Our team of lease analysts will identify these issues and negotiate savings with lease providers.

With a real-time market view and vast experience, our experts work hard to understand your requirements. We work with you to make sure you get the best deals to suit your business.

Key Features

Lease analysis

To improve your leasing arrangements you need to understand what leases exist in your organisation. We’ll analyse what you lease, what you pay and under what terms, so you can ensure you’re using leasing effectively.

Lease management

Keeping track of corporate leases can be difficult, especially if records are spread across offices, countries or continents. We’ll consolidate your lease details in one place, then provide you with easy online access.

Leases expiry

The end of a lease’s term is a good opportunity to re-evaluate, renegotiate, or simply walk away. We give you the time, information and advice you need to make a good decision whenever a lease expires.

Lease arrangement

See all your options in one place. Invite quotes from your preferred suppliers, compare terms fairly, check the total cost — and arrange leases in minutes, all online. We’re not brokers, so we only ever act in your best interests.

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