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We offer a full suite of functionality to help local authorities and Virtual Schools keep looked after children safe and their sensitive data secure. Looked After Call uses a combination of methods to collect attendance and assessment data for looked after children. The method depends on the school's preference and can be flexible to the changing needs of each educational establishment. We can collect data for students placed in or out of area and in any kind of placement

What Looked After Call can do for you

We understand that no two establishments are the same; flexibility, bespoke collections and reporting are all part of our expertise.

Resources in schools are limited, and so we provide a range of collection methods to suit different education establishments. By using a combination of manual calling, automated data extraction (directly from the MIS) and a self-serve portal, we can provide accurate, timely and secure data across all establishment types no matter who, where or what they are.

The Virtual School is immediately alerted where children are unaccounted for and may be at risk. As well as the predefined reports we produce for you, Virtual Schools are able to filter the data to exacting requirements.

School moves, new placements, Ofsted ratings, exclusions, attendance and absenteeism are all easily accessed from the user-friendly dashboard.
  • Manual calling: our dedicated team makes daily phone calls to schools to collect attendance marks and upload into the software. Reports are immediately available for the Virtual School to view and implement any necessary early interventions.
  • Automatic data extractor: we have an automatic data collection solution that means school staff are not interrupted with phone calls during the day to collect attendance data. This extracts the attendance marks directly from the schools’ Management Information System and so reduces the risk of data handling errors.
  • Self-serve portal: if neither manual calling or automatic data collection suits a school or establishment, we have a self-serve portal where authorised personnel can upload attendance marks themselves.

Why use Looked After Call?

Looked After Call takes the strain off local authorities when it comes to collecting assessment data for EYFS, KS SATs, GCSEs and Post-16 qualifications.

Our range of data collection methods supports Virtual Schools to monitor attendance and assessments. Such data can be used to prepopulate the child’s Online Personal Education Plan (PEP).

Our integrated, secure messaging system hosts all messages sent regarding children, and ensures that student data is only distributed to those that are authorised to receive it.

Looked After Call currently monitors over 4,500 pupils in more than 2,200 schools across 170+ local authorities throughout the UK. 

Key features


All information is fully encrypted between the school server and the Looked After Call system. Data within Looked After Call is encrypted using 256-bit secure socket layer technology and HTTPS protocols which provide authentication of the website and associated web server. The same security protocols apply when local authority end users access via the Looked After Call web application.


Where the authority has the requirement to monitor vulnerable students who are not looked after, we are able to collect and report on these groups via the methods above.

Save time and protect resources

Authorities are under the pressure of ever-decreasing budgets and the requirement to take on greater workloads. We can offer a complete solution for attendance, assessment and online PEP or let you pick and mix the modules you require. To save you time and resource, we can offer multiple year contracts at a reduced cost.

Cost effective

We always work in conjunction with the authority to work out the most cost-effective solution for the maximum effect. Pricing is based on student numbers per required number of weeks’ data collection.