IRIS Looked After Call

An innovative MIS supporting local authorities to safeguard and monitor looked after children

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Monitoring, analysing and reporting

IRIS Looked After Call is an innovative MIS for Virtual Schools, supporting local authorities to meet their duty under the Children Act 1989 to safeguard and monitor looked after children.  

Our secure, centralised platform enables virtual schools to identify trends and action early interventions to support the education and wellbeing of vulnerable children. 

How Looked After Call supports you

With reduced resources and increasing demand for data, virtual schools need a solution to identify gaps and empower teams to support the looked after children in their care.  

Looked After Call is a single point of contact for reliable, accurate data on looked after children, enabling early interventions when it matters most.

Designed with the unique needs of local authorities, virtual schools and looked after children in mind, Looked After Call ensures security, efficiency and accuracy in all processes. With a centralised online portal, stakeholders can access data on every aspect of a looked after child’s education, from attendance and attainment to progress and PEPs. 
  • 24/7 dynamic access to all aspects of students’ education attendance, attainment and PEPs 
  • Integration with leading MIS
  • Infinite configurable reporting to deliver on exacting requirements 
  • Flexible approach to data collection, including manual calling and automated data extractor
  • Automatic links to external data sources for ease of data comparisons 
  • Instant alerts for unauthorised absence and exclusions 
  • Bespoke Personal Education Plan, personalised to students of all ages, abilities and profiles 

Why use Looked After Call?

Looked After Call streamlines processes, reduces time-consuming administrative tasks and protects costs with a modular range of solutions. 

We provide stakeholders with the tools they need to ensure the best educational and safeguarding outcomes for looked after children, enabling teams to action early interventions when it matters most. 

All data is fully encrypted between the school server and Looked After Call system using 256-bit secure socket layer technology and HTTPS protocols, providing authentication of the website and associated web server.

We work with our customers to establish how our platform and services can support them, with a modular system and innovative development roadmap designed to meet the changing needs of the sector. 

Key features

Secure communications

An integrated messaging solution improves security and streamlines communications by hosting all emails on the Looked After Call server. 


Ensure compliance with flexible reporting to meet Ofsted and statutory requirements. Looked After Call stores all looked after child data in a single location and offers flexible, user-friendly reporting functionality.  

Data collection

Depending on the needs and preferences of the organisation, Looked After Call offers a flexible and cost-effective approach to data collection including manual calling and automated data extractor. 

In control

24/7 access, from anywhere, to all aspects of students’ education including attendance, attainment and PEPs with our innovative self-serve portal. 

Bespoke Personal Education Plan 

Looked After Call digitises the virtual school’s own PEP into a bespoke, intuitive template. Authorised stakeholders can access and complete their relevant modules, saving time and improving accuracy. 

  • Build bespoke plans, personalised to students of all ages, abilities and profiles 
  • Benefit from easy and intuitive access, at any time, for any authorised stakeholder  
  • Track progress with automatic alerts  
  • Sign off for acceptance, reject for review and store documents 

Flexible data collection 

Depending on the needs and preferences of the organisation, Looked After Call offers a flexible and cost-effective approach to data collection. 

  • Daily phone calls to schools to collect AM and PM attendance marks. Attendance reports are updated dynamically
  • Our automatic data extractor integrates seamlessly with school MIS and automatically collects attendance data, without the disturbance of phone calls
  • Authorised personnel can upload attendance marks, assessments and online PEPs to the innovative self-serve portal

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