Parents’ Evening Manager

Online management and administration to streamline the busiest event in the school calendar

Seamless online event management

Paperless, stress-free parents’ evenings are just a few clicks away.

Parents’ Evening Manager eliminates paper-based invitations and forms, providing parents with a quick and convenient way to book appointments. Managing timetables is easy for admin teams and teachers; automated reminders chase parents yet to respond, ensuring you receive a great response. 

What Parents’ Evening Manager can do for you

Take the paper out of parents’ evening and keep things simple with Parents’ Evening Manager. 

Our online platform enables office teams to reduce time spent on admin tasks with a flexible scheduling assistant and online booking platform. 

With our free mobile app, parents can book appointments to suit their busy schedules, ensuring a great turn-out to your all-important event. Telephone and online appointments can be scheduled in place of face-to-face meetings, and manual bookings are quickly and easily added to the system as required.
  • Parents’ Evening Manager syncs with school MIS, enabling easy class and year group selection 
  • Pre-set appointment and event durations, block out appointments and manage bookings with ease 
  • Automate invitations and reminders to parents 
  • Parents receive a notification when it’s time to book via our free mobile app or online portal 
  • Collate appointments and review timetables quickly and easily 

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Parents' Evening Manager benefits

Avoid unreliable pupil post and enable parents to book appointments to suit their busy schedules 

Parents’ Evening Manager integrates with school MIS, enabling you to tailor communications and plans by pupil, year group and class  

Improve attendance and reach every family with online meeting management and modern technology for busy families 

Enable parents to book telephone and video calls, as well as face-to-face meetings, depending on your needs 

Key features

Flexible event management

Add manual appointments, cancel and reschedule bookings, preset appointment durations and block out times as required. 

Communicate with parents

Provide parents with important information prior to the event, such as directions upon arrival, social distancing and health and safety procedures; enable parents to provide information for teachers in advance, too. 

Convenient bookings

The free mobile app makes booking quick and easy; handy reminders and notifications prompt parents yet to book, ensuring a great turnout on the night. 

Integrated parent engagement

Parents’ Evening Manager is just one platform in ParentMail’s modular system of parental engagement solutions. Feel the many benefits of utilising just one platform for all your parent communication needs with Messaging, +Pay, Online Forms and more.