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Parents’ Evening: one of the most important events in the school year. Guaranteeing a great turnout on the night is important for student progress – but for busy office teams, planning the event can prove difficult.

With Parents’ Evening Manager, planning is completely paperless and puts the responsibility to book appointments into parents’ hands. Schools set up their appointment timetable through our flexible platform before sending an invitation out to parents, saving hours in the school office. Busy mums and dads can make bookings through the free parent app or via desktop, ensuring a great response!

What Parents’ Evening Manager can do for you

Our flexible platform supports schools during one of the most important periods in the calendar. Regardless of school size, the platform delivers huge time savings with paperless bookings and automated reporting. For parents, booking convenient appointments is quick and easy, meaning schools receive a great response.
  • Set up flexible appointment slots
  • Alert parents to the upcoming event
  • Parents log in to their ParentMail account via desktop or our free mobile app and book appointments at a time convenient for them
  • Manual bookings can be added for parents without internet access
  • View reports to see which parents are yet to respond and send out reminders
  • Download timetables for your teachers
  • Avoid sidestepped appointments and ensure a great turnout on the night

Parents' Evening Manager benefits

Place the responsibility of booking appointments directly into parents’ hands and avoid sidestepped appointments

Take the pressure off of busy teachers to chase appointments; achieve fantastic time savings with simplified appointment and timetable management

Achieve great cost savings with paper-free bookings

Enjoy flexible event management. Add manual appointments by hand and amend and reschedule bookings when needed; pupil and class details are taken seamlessly from SIMS and other school MIS.

Key features

Convenience for schools

Busy office teams need a reliable and convenient method of staying on top of parents’ meetings. Parents’ Evening Manager offers a new level of flexibility for your busy evening with preset appointment durations and easy class and teacher management.

Convenience for parents

Relying on students to book convenient slots often results in sidestepped and missed appointments. Put the power in parents’ hands to book with ParentMail, and watch the appointments flood in! The free mobile app makes booking quick and easy; handy reminders and notifications prompt parents yet to book, ensuring a great turnout on the night.


What can often be a time-consuming task that stretches on for weeks and even months is reduced to just a few hours with Parents’ Evening Manager. Online bookings take the paper out of bookings and instant reporting keeps staff informed on appointments and timetables.

Empower your communications

Parents’ Evening Manager is just one platform in ParentMail’s modular system of parental engagement solutions. Feel the many benefits of utilising just one platform for all your parent communication needs with Messaging, +Pay, Online Forms and more.