PTP Tax Expense

Many accountants consider P11D completion with its short filing window a painful and time consuming process that has to be endured each year.

Take a look at our video to see our new and improved version of Tax Expense. 


Save time and improve accuracy with PTP Tax Expense; our comprehensive standalone P11D package.  All data entry is made via schedules to the form making it incredibly easy to use and fast to complete your P11Ds. When used in conjunction with our tax return product, the data is shared, bringing even greater accuracy and efficiencies.

PTP Tax Expense is an extremely cost-efficient solution. Intelligent warnings help prevent mistakes and you will save time by recording expenses throughout the year simplifying and speeding up year-end routines.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Online filing of forms P11D, P11D(B), P9D and P46 (Car)
  • Car and fuel benefits calculated automatically using a database of CO2 emissions - saves time as no research is required
  • Class 1A liability calculated automatically
  • Easy disclosure and reporting - the system splits payments between taxable, non-taxable, dispensation, PAYE settlement agreement and section 336
  • What if scenarios - Helps you to provide advice to your clients on expenses and benefits by using HMRC worksheets for ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Saves time and improves accuracy - when used with PTP Tax Return, data is transferred automatically to complete the benefits section of the employment pages.
  • Available in two versions to suit your practice or business
    • Adviser version – produce year end forms easily
    • Employer version – track expenses throughout the year and report on them, plus produce the year end forms easily
  • Cash flow needn’t be a problem with our range of licencing options to suit your needs


Removes the stress of ensuring that you are up to date with the latest legislation due to regular updates to keep you compliant.


You can rest-assured when filing tax returns to HMRC with an impressive 98% acceptance rate, reducing the need for corrections and amended returns.

Best of breed

Our best of breed solutions provide the optimal workflow and data entry systems to increase your productivity and reduce the time to complete your work.

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