PTP Tax Return

Save time and improve accuracy with PTP Tax Return; our award winning, comprehensive standalone tax return package.  

Take a look at our video to see a demonstration of how easy it is to use. 

All data entry is made via schedules to the tax form making it incredibly easy to use and fast to complete returns. When used in conjunction with our accounts production, partnership and P11D products, the data is shared, bringing even greater efficiencies.

Key Features:

  • Complete the personal self-assessment tax return SA100 and repayment claim form R40, including the full HMRC calculations, for all your clients quickly and easily
  • Pre-population of client data made available via MTD so you can clearly see and select to utilise the information already held by HMRC when completing a clients return 
  • Comprehensive Online filing - including amended and earlier year returns FREE
  • Improves accuracy - Pre-check against HMRC validations before final submission
  • Quick creation of additional forms; SA303 and 64-8
  • Data protection - built in security and backup features
  • Practice management features - user customisable reports, letter writing and mail-merge functionality
  • Basis Period Calculator 
  • Comprehensive computation features:
    • Full HMRC computation
    • Capital allowances calculator - including future years
    • Capital gains calculator
    • Automatic calculation of Foreign Tax Credit Relief
  • Get ahead - ability to enter in year self-employment trade details and calculations for the next tax year
  • Great efficiencies and time saving
    • FTSE 350 dividend database -  saving time and effort to check or calculate dividend payouts
    • Data sharing with PTP Partnership Return, PTP Tax Expense (P11D) and PTP Accounts Production as well as accounts import in Standard Name Format (SNF) from various third party final accounts products including VT
  • Cash flow needn’t be a problem with our range of licencing options to suit your needs


Removes the stress of ensuring that you are up to date with the latest legislation due to regular updates to keep you compliant.


You can rest-assured when filing tax returns to HMRC with an impressive 98% acceptance rate, reducing the need for corrections and amended returns.


Best of breed

Our best of breed solutions provide the optimal workflow and data entry systems to increase your productivity and reduce the time to complete your work.

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