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Our FRS video training courses are approximately 1 hr in duration. Bulk purchase discounts are also available, please call 0844 815 5550 for more information. Leasing transactions have often lent themselves to a number of subjective issues; some of these issues have also given rise to a number of companies being criticised for deliberate engineering of leasing transactions to achieve off-balance sheet finance. FRS 102 and leasing transactions lend themselves to additional subjectivity because FRS 102 is based on the principles of IFRS for SMEs. A number of key changes have been brought about by FRS 102 and leasing, in particular:
  • Methods involved in distinguishing between a finance lease and an operating lease
  • Calculation of interest within a leasing agreement
  • Operating lease disclosures
  • Sale and leaseback transactions
This course is suitable for any IRIS customers that deal with clients who are involved in leasing transactions and who need an awareness of the differences between outgoing UK GAAP and FRS 102 requirements.

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