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Our FRS video training courses are approximately 1 hr in duration. Bulk purchase discounts are also available, please call 0844 815 5550 for more information. This Key Change course on Property, Plant and Equipment examines the notable differences that FRS 102 has brought about in respect of the accounting for tangible fixed assets.  By attending this course you will gain an insight as to:
  • The additional fixed assets that are now required to be brought onto the balance sheet
  • How the calculation of residual value differs from outgoing UK GAAP
  • Issues that need to be considered where depreciation methods are concerned
  • When an asset is impaired and how to deal with such impairment issues
  • Changes in the frequency of obtaining revaluation amounts
The lack of detailed guidance in FRS 102 where the issue of ‘subsequent expenditure’ is concerned will also cause some concern to the vast majority of practitioners.  This course also examines the instances where a client will incur expenditure on a pre-existing asset and looks into the details of when such expenditure may qualify for recognition on the balance sheet. This course will be particularly relevant for practitioners who have to deal with the issue of tangible fixed assets for their clients and who need an awareness of what has changed in the new UK GAAP.

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