Introduction To GDPR For Accountants


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Who is the GDPR training course for?

The course is designed for any organisation that employs individuals or offers services to citizens in the UK or EU. It is aimed primarily at Accountants as the legislation is especially applicable to businesses that collect, manage, process and store personally identifiable and personally sensitive data. Whether you are a sole practitioner or part of a large firm, this course will help to prepare you for GDPR.

What’s included in the online training course?

The online course consists of five 30-minute training videos that will teach you everything you need to know to prepare for GDPR.

Module 1: Background to GDPR:

  • A background introduction to GDPR
  • Overview of data protection and personal privacy

Module 2: Data protection:

  • Data protection taxonomy
  • Data subject rights under GDPR
  • Special category personal data

Module 3: GDPR Key definitions and principles:

  • Key differences between GDPR and the Data Protection Act 1998
  • The new data protection principles

Module 4: Key concepts of data protection law:

  • Data controller/processor relationship
  • Information security and risk assessment
  • Breach notification

Module 5: Data protection by design and next steps

  • Data protection by design and default
  • The statutory Data Protection Officer role
  • Data protection the next steps and actions to take now

What will you learn?

Over the course of this webinar series you will learn:
  • The purpose of data protection
  • Key concepts and compliance principles of GDPR
  • Key definitions used in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • How to update and enhance your business processes to deal with data subjects rights
  • How to use GDPR to adopt best practice around handling, control and security of your organisation’s information and improve the quality and integrity of the data you hold

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