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Benefits to you and your business We will walk you through the AE Configuration Tool showing you how to configure the IRIS AE Suite™ within your IRIS payroll software. An IRIS payroll consultant will deliver a live demonstration and show you practical examples. The course will help you deliver this compulsory payroll obligation with confidence, making sure you are legally compliant and avoiding hefty fines and penalties. In addition to this, a vast amount of time is saved because your software will be correctly configured. Who is the course for? This webinar is essential for anyone who uses IRIS payroll software and will be using the IRIS AE Suite™ for implementing auto enrolment. How do you access the course? The session will take place as part of a live, group webinar. This means that to attend you will need a computer/laptop, an internet connection and a phone connection. What will you learn? During this two hour session, we will cover:
  • A brief introduction to auto enrolment
The steps within the tool including;
  • Staging dates
  • Contact details
  • Approximate assessment of your workforce
  • Creating pension deductions
  • Qualifying and Pensionable earnings
  • Postponement periods
  • Dealing with postponement and the uses of Postponement
  • Changes to Employee details
  • Dealing with opt outs requests
  • Processing refunds
  • Part payments
  • Running your first payroll with AE
  • Producing pension provider output files

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