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The new UK GAAP is here. Are you ready?

The new UK GAAP is adding to accountants’ stress levels as they now start dealing with the transition for the bulk of their clients. While IRIS, PTP and Keytime Accounts Production already support the new standards and make the transition as easy as possible, there is still lots of legislation to understand. If your staff need bringing up to speed on the new legislation or if you just need some reference material to support their existing knowledge, the FRS Digital bundle is for you.

What is it?

A comprehensive bundle of training and reference materials to guide you through the transition to FRS. Whether your clients need to implement FRS 101, FRS 102, FRS 102s1A or FRS 105, this bundle will guide you through the transition and continued adoption of the new standards.

Who is the course for?

This bundle contains resources for all accountants, be it in practice or industry, who produce financial statements under UK GAAP. It is suitable for all levels and abilities. While some of the content contains practical examples using IRIS or PTP Accounts Production, over 80% of the content is purely focused on the legislative changes and is therefore suitable for users of any Accounts preparation software, including IRIS, PTP & Keytime.

What will you learn?

The resources in this digital bundle will help you to understand the following:
  • What are FRS 101, FRS 102, FRS 102 s1A and FRS 105?
  • Why are these standards being introduced?
  • Who will be affected and when?
  • Which entities should adopt which standard?
  • How will these changes affect the software that accountants use in preparing accounts?
  • Key changes in the accounting areas which have the most significant amounts of change
  • How these key changes affect your clients and how to deal with the changes in IRIS Accounts Production
  • Transitioning from UK GAAP to FRS 102 in IRIS Accounts Production
  • Transitioning from FRSSE 2105 to FRS 102 s1A or FRS 105 in IRIS Accounts Production

What is included?

  • Full course notes (62 A4 pages) introducing the standards included in the FRS series (FRS 101-105 and FRSSE) including:
    • Detailed analysis, contrast and comparison of those standards.
    • Detailed references to the relevant sections of the standards
    • Practical examples of how to apply the new standards including First Year of Adoption reporting
    • Detailed “six step process” of how to achieve compliant accounts in IRIS Accounts Production
  • Unlimited access to the series of 9 On Demand video training modules (RRP £695)
    • FRS102 Cash Flow Statement Preparation in IRIS
    • New UK GAAP Legislative overview course
    • FRS 102 Investment properties course
    • FRS 102 Financial instruments course
    • FRS 102 Property, plant & equipment course
    • FRS 102 Leases course
    • FRS 102 Goodwill & intangibles course
    • How to cater for FRS 102 in IRIS course
    • FRS 102 Employee benefits course
  • Accompanying detailed course notes for each of the videos above, including:
    • Detailed analysis of the key changes required by the legislation
    • Worked examples comparing previous and new disclosure requirements
    • Examples of transitional arrangements
    • Instruction on how to achieve the required changes in IRIS Accounts Production
  • Unlimited on-demand access to the following webinars on transitioning to the new reporting standards in IRIS Accounts Production (RRP £198):
    • Transitioning from UKGAAP to FRS 102 (for medium sized companies) in IRIS
    • Transitioning from FRSSE 2105 to FRS 102 s1A (for small sized companies) or FRS 105 (for micro entities) in IRIS Accounts Production
  • Accompanying course notes for the two webinars

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