Large Business Solutions

Software to bring your business greater success, higher productivity, increased efficiency, and total compliance. We solve your HR, finance, payroll, and IT challenges, so you can focus on the bigger picture.


Supporting large and medium businesses

IRIS’ software and services are trusted by more than 650,000 organisations across the globe and we operate in 135 different countries.

  • Centralise your lease portfolio and all related data in one place
  • Gain total financial control with our unified ledger technology
  • Cut out unnecessary time-consuming manual data entry tasks with automation
  • Quickly see and analyse an array of information to make critical decisions for the best possible efficiency
  • Simplify your access to buildings, resources and payments with our biometric ID and card manager technology
  • Gain easy, effective monitoring for your assets.
  • Empower your employees to take control of their own HR administration and personal data with self-service apps saving both employees and HR staff valuable time
  • Engage and update your staff throughout the business through our communications platform, with built in surveys and multi-channel comms.
  • Benefit from flexible, functional finance management: Provide stakeholders with easy access to budgets and clear, accurate financial data, so you can make informed financial decisions.
  • Automate the creation of legislatively compliant final accounts and corporation tax returns.
  • Ensure your business is always up to date with the latest government legislation for any large business or bureau with integrated payroll and HR software
  • Take away the strain, time, and cost of compliance through our managed payroll solutions.

What challenges do we help you overcome?


Businesses face a multitude of payroll difficulties, such as having to chase up data to meet deadlines, ensuring staff are paid on time, lacking real time data, BACS/ payment issues, IT problems with security and computers crashing, and insufficient staff levels at critical times when team members are absent.


HR brings headaches aplenty for businesses, not least the burden of legislative compliance, retaining the best staff, engaging employees effectively, finding and acquiring leading talent, and identifying gaps in skills and training. Other challenges include measuring and managing absences, supporting business continuity, overseeing a disparate global workforce, and handling mergers and acquisitions.


The Finance department must contend with numerous critical tasks, such as generating accurate and compliant unaudited or audited accounts and data issues, such as syncing in real time across locations and financial consolidation. Statutory and accounts reporting (and providing stakeholders with information how they want it) is also key. All the while, they must maximise efficiency and monitor asset value and depreciation.


IT departments are tasked with eliminating capital expenditure and maintenance costs, while improving security and streamline processes. They must combine and analyse information from multiple sources, organise disaster recovery systems, find solutions to manage absences effectively, and increase efficiencies between HR and Payroll. Accurate, timely, reporting, syncing data, and monitoring asset value and depreciation are also challenges.


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The solutions

We help businesses to succeed through a wide range of products. At the heart are these six: