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IRIS BioStore provides colleges, universities and businesses with solutions to aid in identity management, access control and cashless catering to streamline processes, improve security and make life easier for all users and their organisations.

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IRIS BioStore provides colleges, universities and businesses with solutions to aid in identity management, access control and cashless catering to streamline processes, improve security and make life easier for all users and their organisations. Using multi-factor authentication including biometric fingerprint scanners, PINs and smart cards, the risks associated with simple passwords are eliminated.

IRIS BioStore provides your organisation with a comprehensive identity management solution. It offers a simple, smart identity framework that leverages your existing IT assets to reduce costs, increase productivity and ensure compliance. You always retain control by managing, provisioning and de-provisioning identities both on a local system and through a cloud extension.
IRIS BioStore provides appropriate user access permissions to the right people, so users can do their jobs. Assigning user permissions diligently to correctly authorised resources is a proven method to help reduce compliance violations.
IRIS BioStore Identity Management can be used to accurately record attendance through the use of biometrics, smart cards, PINs or passwords. Employees can register their attendance quickly and seamlessly using a self-service fingerprint scanner or card reader.
With IRIS BioStore your organisation can go completely cashless. This cost-effective approach improves kitchen service and operations, whilst making your catering offering simple and attractive to its users in your organisation.
By integrating with the IRIS BioStore Identity Management solution, users no longer need to bring anything with them to access catering services; they can use the same authentication that they use elsewhere in the organisation.
Cashless catering works by allowing users to pay for their meals in advance. They can log into their online account at a time convenient for them (either from their own device, or using self-service kiosks onsite) to top up their funds or to view their transaction and payment history. They may opt to use the auto-top-up feature for further ease if they wish. Once inside the canteen, payment is withdrawn with nothing by a simple authentication of your organisation’s choosing, whether that be biometric fingerprints, smartcards, password or PIN.
Password Manager resolves issues and saves time when it comes to password resets. It enables users to reset these themselves, negating the need for IT staff intervention by allocating an easily memorable word, displaying it on the device screen and requiring the user to augment this with a PIN of their choosing. The resulting temporary password allows the user to log onto the network and reset their password. Devices have a biometric reader, card scanner and keypad built in, so users can identify themselves using their IRIS BioStore credentials.
Simple to use and feature-rich, the market-leading card management functionalities of IRIS BioStore’s IDManager allow any organisation to manage and maintain a smart card identity system with minimum expenditure.
Smart cards provide access to an array of services including time and attendance monitoring, food purchasing, book borrowing, building access, printing and photocopying to name but a few. IRIS BioStore works well with all well-known card types, but contactless are the most popular due to them being robust, waterproof and with no electrical connections or physical attributes to be worn out.
IRIS BioStore’s IDManager and Card Designer enables you to design new card layouts or select from an existing library of templates, and also controls the ordering or creating of new cards, manages temporary cards, and grants or withdraws permissions for cards to access applications.
IRIS BioStore’s IDAccess helps resolve many of the issues associated with implementing a secure access control system for buildings, rooms or digital assets requiring management of user access provisioning.
Maintaining such control can be time-consuming, especially when there are a large number of access points. IDAccess can be used to define access permissions, and to monitor the use of the permissions in real time. Different doors can be configured separately, and different settings applied or edited as necessary – such as times doors should be unlocked for, or dates when a building should be accessible. Any registered user can use a finger reader (or other authentication device) to access buildings or rooms in accordance with your pre-configured time and date options. This can be manually overridden if necessary.
IRIS BioStore also has a visitor management application, safeguarding against unauthorised persons and protecting staff and property alike. An automated self-service system on a touch-screen kiosk allows visitors to check themselves in and be allocated a printed badge to wear as identification, including a photograph of themselves taken with the kiosk’s built-in camera.

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