Biometrics for Education

IRIS FasTrak provides industry-leading ID management to primary schools across the UK. It facilitates cashless catering, in-class meal ordering and pupil registration, integrating seamlessly with your school’s MIS.

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IRIS FasTrak provides industry-leading solutions to primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities around the UK. Helping them to run as efficiently as possible. FasTrak offers cashless catering, online payment, attendance, reporting and meal management solutions, affording schools the time to focus on what’s most important: the health, security, well-being and education of their students.

IRIS FasTrak enables schools to process payments without the need to spend time counting money manually. It removes the risk of human error, and also negates the need for small children to bring their lunch money into school in their bookbag – a place where even the most surprising things can get lost!
With IRIS FasTrak Parents are able to top up lunch money online or over the phone at a time convenient for them, meaning they no longer have to scramble for cash in the morning before school starts. They are able to log into their portal and see their transaction history, as well as a log of what their children have ordered, and can rest assured that their payments are safe and secure.
IRIS FasTrak enables pupils to pre-order their meals daily using interactive whiteboards during morning registration. Information gathered provides the kitchen with what they need to know for food preparation and serving to take place as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Such data can be used to run reports on the revenue of your cashless catering system, and to view sales figures and popularity of each product you offer. Catering teams can monitor lunch choice patterns, which enables them to make more informed decisions about what ingredients they need to order – reducing waste and saving money.
Data gathered when pupils use interactive whiteboards in the morning to log their meal choices is synced automatically with the school’s MIS, providing an automated attendance report in the process. This frees up time teachers would usually spend on taking a manual register and affords them the freedom to spend it on teaching instead.
IRIS FasTrak eliminates any stigma associated with Free School Meals, as during the pre-ordering process there is no way for other pupils to see or hear who qualifies. It has been designed to prevent social exclusion, thus improving the uptake of FSM. IRIS FasTrak also enables schools to run extensive reporting and audit trails and ultimately improve their management of FSM.
The consequences of mistakenly providing a child with a meal containing allergens can be severe. IRIS FasTrak can be used to prevent children from ordering meals containing ingredients they are allergic to, locking down the till and preventing payment should they attempt to do so. Parents can rest assured that their children will be safe at lunch time, and are able to log into the portal to view the meals they have ordered should they wish to.
IRIS FasTrak facilitates purchases at the till or pre-ordering stations to show alerts and prevent purchases where specific dietary and allergy requirements are in place. This safeguards students, and allows staff and parents to rest assured that the children are safe. Parents are able to view purchases online if they wish to monitor the choices their children are making.
Using self-service tills, staff and students alike can pre-order a grab-bag of their choice, pay from their account and receive a receipt. Catering staff can prepare the bags for collection based on a comprehensive report. This saves time for everyone involved by reducing queuing times.

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