Understanding Payroll Year End in your IRIS GP Payroll Software
Understanding Payroll Year End in your IRIS GP Payroll Software

Understanding Payroll Year End in your IRIS GP Payroll Software

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To run through up and coming legislation and provide practical demos on how to conduct each element within your software via an online webinar.

Who is this course for?

This seminar is essential for anyone who processes payroll and will be completing year end procedures under new RTI guidelines. The course is software specific so please ensure you are booked on to the course that corresponds to your IRIS Payroll software.

What will you learn?

During this two and a half hour session we will cover:

  • How to download and install your IRIS Payroll software
  • Utilising the IRIS website and KnowledgeBase
  • Year end processes under RTI:
    • What tasks do I need to complete?
    • What tasks do I no longer need to complete?
    • What do I need to do to complete my year end?
    • Changes to important deadline dates (April 19th)
    • Year end using RTI – Live software demo
    • When to send FPS or EPS – Live software demo
  • Learn about HMRC mid-year changes to RTI submissions
    • Direct Earnings Orders
  • HMRC downtime and related submission issues
  • How to perform a YTD reconciliation check
  • RTI routines for split schemes
  • Filing your RTI year-end return step by step Live Demo
  • Potential problems and submission rejections
  • Starting the 2014/15 tax year
  • What changes will affect me in the 2014/15 tax year?
    • Tax code changes
    • Employment Allowance (NI)
    • Percentage Threshold Schemes
    • RTI (Starters & Leavers procedures, Director Only submission options, FPS, EPS, EYU, NINO)
  • Direct Earnings Orders
    • Pension
    • Student loans – threshold changes
    • Universal Credit
    • CSA 2012 scheme update
  • How to use the EYU to correct any discrepancies
  • Top tips – hints and tips for using your IRIS software
  • An introduction to automatic enrolment (workplace pension reform)


Two and a half hours