Code 96 SEISS

Code 96 is Accounts Production does not specifically relate to SEISS. It is related to a form of other income, so therefore when refreshing into Personal Tax – it maps into ‘Other Income’. However, in Version 21.3.0 (released in October 2021), there will be an option in Business Tax to Map this code straight into SEISS in Personal Tax; Box 70.1 on the self-employment pages. Until this option is available, please see the workaround below: -

  • Go to Personal Tax
  • Go to Trade, Profession or Vocation
  • Sole Trade or Partnership
  • Double Click on the Accounting Period in the bottom half of the screen
  • Remove the amount in ‘Other Income Box’
  • Enter the amount in ‘Self-employment Income Support Scheme Grant’.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.