AutoMail is compatible with MSI versions of Office 365, however cloud based installations such as Microsoft Office Click to run are not currently supported. For further information click here.
Insert merge field will only become available once refresh has been clicked on the tag selection window.
If you are unable to see this window click the minimize (‘-‘) icon on Microsoft Word and click Refresh on the tag selection window in the bottom left-hand corner.

Further information can be found here.
This message indicates the information which the template is looking for is not stored against the client(s) in the IRIS database.

Further information can be found here.
IRIS uses a word template to select the default formatting options, if these settings are incorrect when you generate the templates within IRIS it will pull through these incorrect settings.

Further information can be found here.
If you experience crashes on an intermittent basis when attempting to generate AutoMail communications through IRIS, it is recommended that the steps detailed within the IRIS Help Centre article are performed.

Further information can be found here.
A registry entry will be required to resolve this issue,please follow the steps detailed in Microsoft KB 825765 to resolve this issue.
When generating the letter 'Engagement Letter: Sole trader Business' the following message displays:

There is an incompatibility
Probably client type to template mismatch'

The template 'Engagement Letter: Sole trader Business' used the context type 'Sole Trade: Sole Trade Personal Tax'.

For more information on context types, click here.
To generate a letter for the 'Soletrade: Sole Trade Personal Tax' context type:

The client must be a soletrader
The client must be registered in Accounts Production
This is due to the letter being shown in extended properties mode.  Press Alt & F9 keys together to change the generated letter to show the content.