Auto Update FAQs

In order to make sure your software is up to date with the latest releases we are implementing auto update in our payroll software.

When you log into the software, providing it can establish a link with our server, the system will check for any software updates. This makes it easier for us to react to legislation changes and for you to keep up to date.

Which products use auto update?


Currently the auto update functionality is available in:

• Payroll Business
• Bureau Payroll
• GP Payroll
• Payroll Professional
• Earnie

Types of update


If an update is available you will be given the option to download it. There are three types of update, Legislation Critical, Payroll Critical and Non-Critical. The message displayed depends on the type of update:

• Legislation Critical Updates:This update contains crucial legislation changes. By clicking Yes you are able to download the update now or you can choose to do it at a later date. This update MUST be installed before performing any Year-End procedures. You are able to view the Release Notes associated with this update by clicking on the “What’s in this update?” link.
• Payroll Critical Update:This update is a critical update and it will affect your Payroll calculations/reporting or end of year procedures. By clicking Yes you are able to download the update now or you can choose to do it at a later date. It is advised that you download and install this update before you use the software. You are able to view the Release Notes associated with this update by clicking on the “What’s in this update?” link.
•Non-Critical Updates:Non Critical updates are optional. You are able to download the update now, at a later date or click No if you do not want to be reminded of this again. You are able to view the Release Notes associated with this update by clicking on the What’s in this update?” link.


Connecting to the update server


Connecting to the update server

Most users should find they have no problems connecting to the update server, this will happen automatically for them when they start the software. For users behind aggressive firewalls or connecting though proxy servers there may be a need to include the server URL in exclusions/white lists.

To resolve the following URLs will need to be added to your proxy/firewall exceptions:
GP Payroll:
Payroll Professional:
Payroll Business & Bureau Payroll (Both use the same address) :

Alternatively you can bypass the auto update process by downloading and installing the update from our web site:

Some customer have also had problems installing via auto update when real time or on access scanning has been enabled by their anti virus software. You should refer to you security software provider or IT support for assistance disabling real time or on access scanning while you update your software. In most cases once the update has been applied you can return your security software to it's normal state.

Update process


When the service detects an update is available the user logging in will first see a message about the availability and category (critical/urgent/non critical). If the user click yes on this message the update will begin to download.

The download takes place as a background process and the user can continue with payroll on the existing version while this is ongoing. When the download is complete the user will see a message advising them the update will be available to install the next time they start the software.

The next time a user starts payroll they will see a message asking them if they wish to apply the downloaded update. If the user clicks no the message will reappear the next time the software is started and the user can continue to run payroll with the existing version. If the user click yes the update will be applied before the user can proceed to login and process payroll.

Payroll will check for updates once per day when you first run the software. If you close and restart the program later in the same day it will not check a second time. The user can force another check for updates process from the software menus:

PAYE-Master: Go to "Utilities" > "Options" > "Check for updates"

GP Payroll: Go to "Setup/Options" > "14-Upgrades & Support" > "Check for updates"

Payroll Business & Bureau Payroll: Go to "Help" > "Check for updates"

Payroll Professional & Earnie: Go to "Help" > "About..." > "Check for updates"

Update versions


Depending on the nature of the update being applied we may need to update your software in two stages.

Example: The April '15 update for PAYE-Master  will first auto update to v., once this is complete it will then auto update to v.

We always recommend that you use the latest version of the software available and would say the best practise is to update when prompted about the availability, regardless of the critical category.

Auto update on a network setup


With a network set up the version installed on each PC is tracked as well as the version installed on the network.  This helps to ensure all users are on the correct version. 

Eg. When an update is available it is downloaded by PC 1 at log in. When another user then logs in on PC 2 they will be prompted to also apply the update, they will not be able to log in until they are running the same version as PC 1. At this point the auto update does not need to download the update again, PC 2 is updated from PC 1s download

Best setup practise


To ensure the best operation of the auto update process:

• Make sure all payroll users have full read/write permissions to the payroll program folder & data locations. Setting user account permissions individually rather than as a group is more effective.
• Prevent security software on access or real time scanning of the payroll program folder & data location.
• Do not mark payroll program folder as read only or hidden
• If running over a network do not use UNC paths. Mapped network drives should be user. All mapped drives should be consistent for all payroll users. Do not run payroll from the root of a mapped drive, make sure it is contained within a folder.

Request to be excluded from auto updates


If you wish to be excluded from any auto update processes, please click on the link below, complete the details and send the email.

Please Note: If you are excluded from the auto update process you will not see any notification about the availability of potentially critical updates. If you do wish to be excluded we recommend you periodically check to see if there are updates available for your software.

Click here to request auto update exclusion.

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