Known Issues

It is important to us that we resolve any problems that are found in the IRIS Accountancy Suite.

Listed below are issues that have been fixed in both the April v19.1.0 and v19.1.1 releases as well as a section on unresolved issues which we are working hard to fix.

Issues found in the latest Service pack (v19.1.157)

IRIS Accounts Production

Unincorporated Charity

When creating a set of unincorporated charity accounts we are aware that the independent examiners report is referring to a retired version.

Click here to see the latest report.

The current workaround involves using the additional/replacement text as below. This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer release (v19.2.0).

Charity iXBRL

When creating ixbrl copies of incorporated charity accounts we are aware that in some instances, when displayed on screen information contained in the reports is appearing misaligned.  Having reviewed this we can confirm that the tagging of these accounts and the final html copy remains un affected.  This issue is due to be fixed in the Summer release (v19.2.0).


In the instance when items have been iXBRL tagged in the data screens comparatively.  When the same notes are amended in the current year the concept selection is no longer valid as displayed in the screen shot below.  The current workaround for this is to remove the tag and reapply.  We are working to resolve this issue and will update this content accordingly as and when we have more information.

Resolved issues in the April Service Pack (v19.1.1.57)

IRIS Accounts Production

We had been made aware that when generating a set of accounts in iXBRL the Concept Picker which provides a list of concepts is blank.  Although the software is still tagging accounts in a normal way the impact of this means that if you do have any tagging errors you will be unable to amend these, and you will also not be able to add additional tags to the accounts. 

This has been resolved in the latest service pack. Click here to download.

Accounts Production / Company Secretarial / Business Tax / Fixed Asset Register

Companies House have made changes to their system that in some cases have stopped our client import routine from working correctly. As a result, when importing an incorporated entity’s details from Companies House, the software may return an error message as detailed below.

We have already identified the cause of the problem and are implementing a fix that will be made available to all customers as soon as possible. We are aiming for this to be with you within the next week.

At present you will have to create new clients manually by typing this information into the software. We know the import routine is a popular feature and therefore wanted to make you aware to prevent any unnecessary inconvenience.

Importantly the electronic filing of statutory accounts and forms to Companies House through either Accounts Production or Company Secretarial was unaffected by this issue.

IRIS Business Tax/Personal Tax

When refreshing a Sole Trader from Business Tax through to Personal Tax you will receive a warning where a current asset/prepayment contains a negative value. Clicking [Continue] on this message will allow the values to be transferred successfully. 


P11D's with just car benefits
When generating P11D's with just car benefits, the print P11D report does not generate for selected personnel and then subsequently when trying to generate a P11D/P11D(B)/p46 car form, an error message is displayed. 

Beneficial loan rate
Interest free and low interest loans are currently being calculated at a rate of 3% instead of 2.5% in the 2019 tax year. The workaround is to manually enter the benefit amount and select ‘Use benefit value as entered’ from the loan details screen.

IRIS Company Formations

Incorporating a new entity

When incorporating a new entity and you click ‘Check Name’ the software returns the following message: ‘Error in XML response’ followed by a warning of: ‘not possible to connect to Companies House Online Services’. 

There is no current workaround within the software.  In the short terms we suggest you go to the Companies House Beta site and check the name isn’t already in use.

Practice Management

Communications tab
When accessing the communications tab for certain clients, the following error displays 'Couldn't read main link 1660 for link 1661'. Further error codes are generated when clicking OK.

Communications will populate with the latest 2 documents; previous documents the have been generated are missing.

Time & Fees enhancement

Added a ‘default’ tick box to Auto billing so that you can set all the invoices to use the default invoice template.

Resolved issues in April interim release (v19.1.0.735) 

IRIS Scheduler

Unable to start the Iris Scheduler Service during the 19.1.0 upgrade

During the upgrade of 19.1.0 the installation attempts and fails to start the Scheduler Service; the following dialog displays:

The Retry option is not effective and the only option available is to Cancel which results in the installation aborting and reverting back to the 18.3 version of the software. 

Work around: Please note that this can only be carried out at the point of failure (as seen in the screen shot above).If you are not comfortable completing this workaround please email providing contact details whilst specifying Service Failed to Start in the subject please.Please go to the IRIS installation directory.

Rename the file: Iris.Scheduler.Server.exe to Iris.Scheduler.Server_19.1.exe
Rename the file IRISIdService.exe to Iris.Scheduler.Server.exe
Click Retry on the dialog above – this will allow the installer to complete successfully.


Rename the file Iris.Scheduler.Server.exe BACK to IRISIdService.exe The Iris.Scheduler.Server Service will not be running but will not have any immediate impact; this will be corrected in subsequent releases.

Data Centre

In the latest release of IRIS Accountancy Suite (v19.1), there is an issue with Data Centre licence holder’s branches restrictions, under Practice Options. These are turned on by default and cannot be turned off.

If you have experienced this issue, and do not wish to restrict staff member’s access to other branches, the workaround is to log into System Maintenance as MASTER user | click Staff | select Staff Maintenance | highlight the staff member | click View | select Privileges | under Common privileges, tick Can access clients from all branches | click Save

Repeat these steps for all staff members.

Same 'Branches' selected

It has also been reported that staff members appear as having the same branches selected under their links, when clicking Next Staff, to switch between them. The following staff members will appear as having the same branches selected. This is purely a display issue and the workaround is to close the first staff member, highlight the next and click View. The correct branches will be returned in the Links tab.

Resolved issues in the April release (v19.1.0)

IRIS Personal Tax - this version resolves both these remaining issues for the 2018 and 2019 tax computations

Top Slicing Relief calculation errors

We would like to draw your attention to some Top Slicing Relief calculation errors we have recently become aware of and take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience these may cause you or your clients.

As you may be aware, HMRC have had a number of issues with their Top Slicing Relief calculation this year. During 2018 we released a number of updates to IRIS including corrections to these issues and would therefore recommend you re-run the calculation for any client that has Top Slicing Relief to ensure you now have the correct outcome.

In the last couple of weeks, in spite of our best efforts, we have been made aware of a couple of further scenarios where our calculation still isn’t giving the correct answer:

  • Taxpayers with chargeable event gains without any tax treated as paid and dividend income
  • Scottish taxpayers with non-savings income below £31,500

We would highly recommend double-checking the tax calculation for any client that has Top Slicing Relief, particularly in these scenarios, to ensure you are advising your clients correctly. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Data Protection notice

We have become aware of an issue that arises in certain extremely rare circumstances (less than 0.07% of the time) when running mail merges. The issue may result in some documents created for clients including another clients’ details. Given the mail merge process relies on a tool (Microsoft Word) that is not under direct IRIS control, we would always recommend that it is good practice to review all documents before sending and check the first and last letters in the batch. 

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Outstanding Issues

IRIS General

Installation Error 3 when running Workstation Setup

When installing the workstation setup of IRIS Accountancy Suite, using the Setup.exe, you may get the error below:

Abort Title: INSTALLATION ERROR - 3 - Configuration Process 
Abort Message: 
The installation has aborted during the configuration process

Addition Details: ERROR: Failed to parse the config xml file [\DE-SQL01iriscfg_IRIS_v19.1.0.729_20190405113742.xml]. 
Exception: System.Xml.Schema.XmlSchemaValidationException 

In the shared IRIS folder instead of running Setup.exe, run WSS_v17.14.6.exe instead.

This will start the installation process.

We are working on getting a fix produced as quickly as possible. 

Client browser crashing
We are currently investigating this issue. Further details can be found in KB IAS-12755.

Accounts Production

Charity Accounts

When support costs are setup in AP when trying to import a CSV trial balance that contains account codes relevant to the support costs, on the pre-import screen it is forcibly requesting a charitable activity, this is in error.  There is no current work around for this problem and figures will need to inputted manually.  This issue will be fixed in the Summer release (v19.2.0).

Farm Accounts

When generating Farm accounts that use account code 17 in the ELTF chart a General Exception Report is produced by the software.  This report is produced in error and should be ignored. 

There is no adverse effect to the accounts and we will be rectifying this in the Summer release (v19.2.0).

IRIS Business Tax

Partners Profit Allocation
If a partner leaves a partnership part way through the accounting period, the profit share is being incorrectly calculated. In the meantime, the profit share can be manually altered by overwriting the return totals. Please see KB IAS-80101 for more information. 
This issue will be resolved in the Summer release (v19.2.0).

LTD Company Losses Brought Forward
Currently if a user has a limited company with a period straddling 01/04/2017, losses that arise will be split between pre 01/04/2017 and post 01/04/2017. If a bring forward is run in the following accounting period, all losses brought forward are being incorrectly mapped to the pre April 2017 loss field.
This issue will be resolved in the Summer release (v19.2.0).

IRIS Practice Management

If you generate a letter with the Save as option set to MS Word, then select Print Later, the letter is saved to the communications tab as a PDF document. Print Now works correctly. 

Unhandled Exception when uploading multiple documents to OpenSpace. This is currently being investigated and further details can be found in KB IAS-12774.


It has been brought to our attention that in the recent release of IRIS Accountancy suite (v19.1), there is a presentational issue in Time & Fees where timesheets will show the expected, posted and total time values as 24 on all current and past timesheets. The same is reflected in the Practice Hours. All other posting values are unaffected and there does not appear to be any knock on affects with the reports so you can continue to post time without concern.

Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this display issue, however, we are working hard on getting a fix produced as quickly as possible. 

We will update you when we have any further developments.

IRIS Docs - performance issues on terminal servers

Some customers are reporting performance issues after they have upgraded to our latest 19.1 release on terminal servers. This affects staff users who do not have an IRIS Integration licence for Docs. As an interim solution, we provided temporary licenses as a short term fix to overcome the problem whilst we continued investigating the cause. We can now report that we have identified a long term fix, once testing is complete a service pack update will be made available, scheduled for w/c 8 July 2019.