Full Feature List

Full Feature List April 2015

Full Feature List April 2015

Ensuring your practice stays ahead of legislation is a leading principle for our Drummohr products.  In the latest Drummohr release the following legislative changes have been made to reflect this:

  • Updates to SA100, SA800, SA900 and R40 
  • Updates to P11D, P9D, P46(Car) and P11D(b) forms
  • Updates to the latest rates of tax and allowances for all tax products
  • Updated Dividends, RPI, CO2 and Tax District Databases
  • Updated for changes to HMRC Specials and Exclusions
  • Updated to use HMRC latest schemas
  • Updated to the latest HMRC CT Taxonomy for iXBRL
  • Finalised versions of the latest CT600 forms from HMRC added

Additional value added enhancements

Any excess management expenses being surrendered for group relief can now be recorded so that the correct value to carry forward is shown in the deductions and reliefs section of the iXBRL computation. 

The tools used to display the tax return forms on screen have been updated to use new technology, this will mean that the figures shown on the return will no longer include pence but the calculations will as these have not changed. 

And as always we’ve resolved a number of customer reported issues to help make your working day that little bit easier.

Tax Assist, Company Tax & Trust Tax Legislative Compliance
2014 Tax Year updates for Individuals, Partnerships, Companies and Trusts
Rates & Allowances
Self-Assessment & R40 Forms
Electronic Filing 
Dividends, RPI, CO2, Tax Districts Databases
Changes arising from the Autumn Statement: allowances, rates, bands & limits etc.
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And as always we’ve resolved a number of customer reported issues to help make your working day that little bit easier.
Recent changes
Over the last few months you will also have seen:
Web Licencing: The process for entering licence keys into the system becomes much easier. Administrators will be notified of new licences via a web server. 
Accepting the new license is a simple click of a button instead of keying in the details. Additionally there is a new screen showing the products installed, the licence status and the date of expiry. 
The new feature simplifies existing procedures of adding licences to the software. It’s now a much easier flexible process that minimises the customer’s administration, there will be no more entering multiple licence codes each quarter which will save many hours of backend administration.
Also, in December we resolved an issue where Tax Assist users were being prompted to activate new licences every time the launcher opens.
Company Tax Return: In December we resolved an issue where FBI was rejected and Capital Allowance values were not printing for Expensive Cars from Trade 2 through Trade 10 and where totals were missing for Leased cars from trade 2 through trade 10.

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