Full Feature List

Full Feature List December 2015

Full Feature List December 2015

Ensuring your practice stays ahead of legislation is a leading principle for our Drummohr products.  

In the latest Drummohr release (v22.2 SP2) the following legislative changes have been made to reflect this:

Company Tax Return:

Latest iXBRL taxonomy

The latest Corporation Tax Taxonomy has been included within Drummohr to ensure your tax computations are tagged against the correct taxonomy.


The prior release of Drummohr (v22.2 SP1) also included the following:

Company Tax Return:

Total non-trading items on the iXBRL computation updated

Leased cars, total capital allowances and charges and deductions for R&D enhanced expenditure now all form part of the Total non-trading items on the iXBRL computation so that reconciliation of the computation is now much easier. 


  • Updated Dividends, RPI, Tax Districts databases
  • Latest CT taxonomies and computation updates thereof
  • Increased Online Filing validation to help prevent HMRC rejections
  • Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions

Additional value added enhancements:

Company Tax Return

The new version of the CT600 to be used for periods starting on or after 1st April 2015 has been reviewed to ensure that negative amounts cannot be entered in fields that do not allow negative figures. 

The issues resolved include:

Company Tax Return - All fields within the ‘Additions for tax purposes’ and ‘Deductions for tax purposes’ will now allow negative amounts to be entered. 

Tax Return - The self-employment pages now have the correct limit associated to them when entering just the total expenses in box 20.

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