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PAYE-Master to Earnie Conversion

Here we will guide you in converting your PAYE-Master data files for use in Earnie payroll.

Notes on the conversion process:

• The conversion process will take employee year to date values over to the new software. The breakdown of individual pay periods will not be converted. Make sure you have a full set of reports produced from PAYE-Master with this detailed information to ensure complete records of the whole tax year.


The following is a summary of the conversion process, for full details on conversion please read this guide:
Link to guide goes here.


Summary of process:

  1. Download and install the latest version of PAYE-Master. Click here for PAYE-Master downloads.
  2. Once installed, start PAYE-Master and then open each individual company on your system. You will need to check for each company and pay frequency that the last period calculated is also finalised. This will also have the effect of updating each company database to the latest version ensuring the conversion process is as smooth as possible.
  3. Next download and install the latest version of Earnie. Click here for Earnie downloads.
  4. Once installed, start Earnie. You should be prompted to enter your licence details. Enter these to activate your new software.
  5. We are now ready to start converting your data files. Click here to download the latest version of our conversion tool.
  6. Once downloaded, copy the conversion tool to the folder you just installed Earnie into.
  7. Make sure neither PAYE-Master or Earnie are running on your system and start the conversion tool. You will be prompted to enter the admin password. By default this is admin. Potentially this could have been changed by a user on your system. If admin doesn't work and no one knows what it has been changed too please contact our support team for a break in password.
  8. In the list of companies tick the column "Convert?" for the companies you wish to move over to Earnie. We recommend you convert in batch of no more than 5 at a time.
  9. Click the "Convert" button. The tool will attempt to convert the selected PAYE-Master files into Earnie payroll databases. In most cases this will complete without issue. If the summary at the end of the process reports any errors please contact our support team with these PAYE-Master data files available.
  10. If you have additional companies to convert repeat from step 7.
  11. When you now start Earnie and go to "Company" > "Select Different Company" you will be able to open and use any of the company data successfully converted.
The above is a summary of the process, for full details on conversion please read this guide:
Link to guide goes here.
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