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Full Feature List v11.7.1


IRIS Accountancy Suite Spring Service Pack Feature List v11.7.1


IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.7.1 provides you with an eChecklist enhancement and resolves a number of issues associated with IRIS Accountancy Suite v11.7 and earlier versions.

The issues resolved include:

Accounts Production
From version 11.6.1 IRIS Accounts Production allows for early adoption of FRS 101 and 102. (CRITICAL)
If ‘No description’ accounts are edited within Accounts Production, the new description provided is now used within the Business Tax computation as expected. (HIGH)
Company Secretarial
When a client’s main and billing addresses are flagged as being the registered office address, Companies House data imports now create a new record and update only the registered office address for the client rather than overwriting their main and billing addresses too. (HIGH)
When posting to any account code within the Group 77 Premises: accounts 111 to 114 for the Academy chart, the figure is no longer being duplicated. (CRITICAL)
Personal Tax
Box 40 on the Land and Property pages is no longer being completed with a zero when it equals less than 1, as this was causing the Return to fail filing by internet validation. 
The link between IRIS Payroll for Accountants and IRIS Personal Tax has been updated so that the program will continue to check the involvement dates of each employment record but it will no longer insist that they match in both products in order for the link to be made. 
Business Tax
Warnings regarding negative entries not being allowed have now been removed from the following boxes on the Partnership Return; 3.46, 3.52, 3.53, 3.59, 3.60, 3.61, 3.62 and 3.63.
If ‘No description’ accounts were edited within Accounts Production, the new description was not being used within the Business Tax computation; this has now been resolved. 
The box on the front of the CT600 to indicate when the CT600A has been completed is now being ticked.
Research and Development Enhanced expenditure entered in the “On or after 01/04/2014” field is no longer being moved into the “Before 01/04/2014” field. 
The electronic submission of the CT600 was not including certain zero calculated values, instead it was just leaving them blank and this was causing online filing validation warnings; this has now been resolved. 
The automatic note made on the SA700 about additional directors has been updated to make reference to boxes 1.3 and 1.4 instead of 1.5 and 1.6 for the 2014 tax year. 
The losses brought forward on a rental company in Business Tax were not matching the losses carried forward in the previous period. This has been resolved, but the losses screen in the previous period will need to be checked (click the OK button on this screen) and then run the ‘bring forward in the current period’ again to resolve any current discrepancies. 
Time & Fees
Improved the error message used when too many users are logged in at the same time to be clearer what has caused the error.
Improved the clearing of orphaned sessions.
Practice Management
A client’s address can now reach the character limit for every line of the address.
IRIS Accountancy Suite
Improved support for some network configurations to avoid “IRIS Startup Failure - AcquireContext (Error: 80090024)” issue.

Accounts Production

Option to disable the new 'search' functionality within posting screen
Following the feedback of some users we have added the option to disable the new search functionality within the posting screen in version 11.7.1. This option can be found in Accounts Production, under the Setup Menu via Posting Screen Options.

Business Tax

Balancing Allowances not appearing on the CT600 

Some users were finding that balancing allowances were appearing correctly on the tax computation but were not shown on the CT600; this has now been resolved. 

Group Relief - validation error when claiming group relief 

The incorrect validation message stating that the period must not be greater than 12 months when claiming group relief has now been removed.

Validation Error - invalid data entry: Tax Rates

Validation requesting an applicable tax rate must be used for CT600s with accounting periods straddling 31 March 2014 has now been resolved. 

Amended CT600 pre-validation warning stating that amended return is outside of threshold window

The warning message that amended CT600s are being filed outside of the threshold window when they weren’t has now been removed. 


Personal Tax

When Uploading e-Checklists in bulk the email address for the client is not being uploaded

When bulk uploading e-Checklists to OpenSpace, the program will now use the email address entered for that client to automatically issue a notification to let them know and if they have not already registered to use OpenSpace they will receive an additional email advising how they setup their account. 

Section D is missing when generating the paper checklists

Section D will now appear on all paper checklists produced. 

When looking at the Related tab under Client | View the marriage is not showing

All marriage records are again displaying correctly on the related tab for individual clients. 



When uploading documents or eChecklists to multiple OpenSpace clients, IRIS Accountancy Suite will now display the main email address for each of the clients. 
This email address will be used by OpenSpace to notify that client.

Note: If a client has other existing users in OpenSpace, they will also be notified.


For a full list of the features introduced in 11.7, click here.

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