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Full Feature List v17.1.0

 IRIS Accountancy Suite April 2017 Release

The Spring 2017 release of IRIS Accountancy Suite v17.1 is the first of many releases that provides focus on digital enablement and alignment to HMRC’s Making Tax Digital regime. With the first mandate looming in April 2018, we have included a number of functional enhancements that enable users to keep ahead of the latest legislative changes, whilst delivering a number of productivity and efficiency gains across the complete suite.

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 IRIS General

Making Tax Digital (MTD) changes

V17.1 includes a great deal of ‘under the bonnet’ changes ready to enable the smooth transition to Making Tax Digital (MTD) quarterly updates and HMRC’s API first strategy.  These changes will be enabled throughout the IRIS Suite to best enable your access to and assessment of the information available from and for submission to HMRC as they deliver the relevant government side connections via their APIs.  This release focuses on enabling users to take advantage of the first HMRC MTD deliverables from within our existing solutions so you can familiarise yourself with the datacentric approach HMRC are undertaking.

Please note: The MTD enhancements below are ready in IRIS but are dependent on HMRC and therefore will not become visible until after they “Go Live” with this functionality. We will post a notice within “important announcements” within our IRIS OpenPortal to confirm when HMRC make this available.

Enhanced Client Dashboards

Client Dashboards in IRIS OpenPortal will include a new Making Tax Digital widget to show the Digital Tax Account data that is currently available to agents. This will make it quick and easy to see the data held in IRIS compared to that currently held by HMRC in the clients digital tax account.

Personal Tax

IRIS Personal Tax will also include pre-population of client data made available via MTD as it’s enabled by HMRC so you can clearly see and select to utilise the information already held by HMRC when completing the clients return. 

Included in this Spring release:

  • Automatic information entry for Individuals
    • Employment
      • Records - Business name and PAYE Ref
      • Benefits
      • Earnings
    • Other income – jobseekers allowance, incapacity benefit etc.
    • Tax refunded or set off by tax office
    • Marriage allowance
    • Class 2 NIC



Enhanced Search capability

The IRIS Client Browser now allows searching by both Client ID and Client Name fields simultaneously to speed up the in product client search process.

The Communication Tracking search now includes documents stored in IRIS OpenSpace. 

The IRIS OpenPortal smart client search has been expanded. This search now interrogates the Client ID, Client Name, Registered number, UTR, NI number and Charity Number fields making it incredibly fast and easy to find the desired client even when you have limited details to search on. 

A new Menu Item search has been added to enable fast efficient access to all product menus so you can now instantly access those less frequently used features without having to remember which menu they are accessed from.

Efficiency gains

Time & Fees toolbar enhancements

Our spring release adds single click access toolbar options to Client Summary, Account Details, On Screen Billing and Fees Budgets screens.

We have now set the default for the Client Billing Decisions Report to exclude clients with zero WIP balance. 

 IRIS OpenSpace

A number of enhancements have been made to the interaction with and electronic approval of documents within IRIS OpenSpace following detailed feedback sessions held with customers.

You can now:

  • Request approval from multiple clients on the same document. You can now choose whether the document must be approved by a single client or all clients before the document is marked as approved. This is part of the existing upload and e-Approval routine from within IRIS Accountancy Suite or available as a selection from the IRIS OpenSpace web client
  • Upload multiple documents for approval in a single upload via the IRIS OpenSpace web client


 IRIS Docs v.6.12

The latest version of IRIS Docs includes the following enhancements:

  • Analytics: A new feature, intended for use by Administrators of the system only, provides an overview of IRIS Docs. . There are 5 predefined views: Categories, Documents, In-trays, Users and Workflows
  • Notes: This has been enhanced into a ‘chat style’

In addition to these enhancements, IRIS Docs also includes support for:

  • Microsoft Office Pro Plus installed via an Office 365 subscription
  • Windows Server 2016 
  • Windows SQL Server 2016

 IRIS Accounts Production

Our spring release continues our mission to enable paperless digital accounts production and give you competitive advantage.

Enhanced Working Paper Linking

Our Working Paper Linking feature within our Interactive Reports enables note keeping and review points to easily flag items that need closer inspection and is now available to Partnership and Sole traders.

Review Point Report

Our new Working Papers Notes Report collates all notes into a dynamic report giving both the creator and reviewer of the accounts a single digital view to mark as complete or add any additional commentary.

Status Flagging

Whilst reviewing the set of account we have provided new Status Flags for To Review, Reviewed or None. These flags can be used on the profit and loss, balance sheet and a select set of notes including the fixed assets note to show whether or not it has been signed off or needs further work.

Colour Coding of Linked Tags

Colour coding of tags on the Working Papers Notes report now gives an efficient way of seeing which numbers have a link to a supporting document. This will collate all the notes that have been added against a figure in the accounts to enable easy review.

Working Paper References

The Working Paper Reference that can be used to cross reference figures within the accounts to the appropriate work paper will now appear on the face of the accounts onscreen within Interactive Reports.

Hyperlinks to Notes

The links that you have created from figures on the face of the accounts to work papers now automatically link the same figures in the notes to the same working paper removing the need to link these separately.

Full Accounts and Working Paper Print Routine

For those that still desire a physical accounts file V17.1 includes a new print routine to enable a full set of compliance accounts (including all working paper references) along with all the linked working papers to be conveniently printed in one batch removing the need to open and print all supporting schedules separately thus completing the end to end digital processing.

Compliance changes

  • Fair Value Adjustments – New dedicated accounts codes have been provided for use where a gain/loss on revaluation of assets is to be recognised within profit or loss, either shown separately or within another item.
    • Most of the new accounts (83,104,180,215,249,305,339,373,397) add into groups 
    • Accounts 107 & 410 are shown on the face of the P&L
  • Updated Audit Reports in relation to:
    • Revisions to the Ethical Standard, Auditing Standards, UK Corporate Governance Code and Guidance on Audit Committees
    • Updated ISA's from IAASB to Promote Greater Focus on Financial Statement Disclosures
      • IAASB have finalised revisions to 15 ISA's including ISA 720, ISA 315, ISA 330 addressing disclosures in the audit of financial statements this is along with the new and revised Auditor Reporting Standards. This includes changes to ISA 800 (Revised) and ISA 805 (Revised) 
  • Limited Scope Amendments to FRS 102 - Fair Value Hierarchy Disclosures
    • On 4th November 2015 the FRC issued an Exposure Draft (FRED 62) proposing limited scope improvements to FRS 102 the Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the UK and Republic of Ireland relating to financial institutions and retirement benefit plans only
  • LLP SORP (January 2017) – update to reflect new LLP regulations issued in May 2016 and recent change to UK accounting standards 
  • Cash Flow Statements (IAS 7) – Amendments under Disclosure Initiative
  • PSC – Changes due to the Money Laundering 4th Directive 
  • New regulations for Northern Ireland Charities (SI 2015/384) 
  • Enabling FRS taxonomies to file to Companies House:
    •  Audited abridged accounts
    • Audited small accounts
    • Audited medium accounts
    • Audited and unaudited group accounts

 IRIS Company Secretarial 

Enhancements to Companies House Beta Service

Our spring release extends the free access from within IRIS to data held on the UK register of companies. Access to the Companies House beta service will now be the default and provide the following additional searches free of charge as standard:

  • Company overviews
  • Document images
  • Company officers
  • Disqualified directors
  • Change registered office address

Search capability within IRIS Company Secretarial has also been extended and enabled for company name, number, or postcode to immediately see the results within the Companies House Beta web service. Clicking Save here will instantly import the details directly from Companies House into IRIS. A New 'Filing History’ button within the Company Secretarial Forms screen now also displays the filing history from the Companies House Beta web service. It is also possible to view the Person’s of Significant Control currently registered at Companies House from within the PSC screen.

Enhanced integration with IRIS OpenSpace

We have also improved customer communication as all Companies House forms are now enabled to be viewed across mobile devices when sharing documents via OpenSpace without the need for the recipients to download any additional mobile apps.

Spell Checker

The ‘Rights’ tab within the share register now includes a spell checker to help prevent misspellings and mistakes and to improve accuracy and professionalism.

Compliance changes

  • Companies House rejection analysis – additional warnings have been added that could reduce rejections by up to 54% including:
    • Checks for principal business activity code
    • Checks to ensure PSC information exists
    • Validity checks on nationality
    • Company name and number match
    • Validity of change of accounting date
    • Checks to ensure no name duplication


IRIS Company Formations

LLP Formations

IRIS Company Formations has now been extended to include Limited Liability Partnerships. 

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 IRIS Tax Solutions

IRIS Fixed Asset Register 

Our spring release includes the ability to export all IRIS Fixed Asset Register reports to Microsoft Excel

IRIS Personal Tax

IRIS Personal Tax will also include pre-population of client data made available via MTD as it’s enabled by HMRC. 

Included in this Spring release:

  • Automatic information entry for Individuals
    • Employment
      • Records - Business name and PAYE Ref
      • Benefits
      • Earnings
    • Other income – jobseekers allowance, incapacity benefit etc.
    • Tax refunded or set off by tax office
    • Marriage allowance
    • Class 2 NIC


IRIS Business Tax 

The government announced 2 major reforms to the loss relief rules for corporation tax:

  • Losses arising from 1 April 2017 can be carried forward and set against the taxable profits of different activities within a company and the taxable profits of its group members
  • The amount of annual profit that can be relieved by carried-forward losses will be limited to 50% from 1 April 2017, subject to an allowance of £5 million per group

We have incorporated these changes into Business Tax early to enable planning and the appropriate use of losses. The product will apportion any losses arising from a period that straddles 1 April 2017 and clearly show which losses arise pre and post this date. It will also automatically use the losses brought forward in the most beneficial way. 

 Compliance changes

  • Updated Dividends and RPI databases
  • All the relevant reports, forms, calculations and rates for the 2016/17 tax year including the new Scottish basic rate band
  • Increased Online Filing validation to help prevent HMRC rejections
  • Updates to cater for latest HMRC Specials & Exclusions
  • Updates to SA100, SA700, SA800, SA900, R40 and CT600 forms
  • Updates to P11D, P9D, P46(Car) and P11D(b) forms
  • Update to use HMRC latest schemas
  • Updates to Capital Allowances, including CO2 rates changes and changes for Zero emission goods vehicles and enterprise zones
  • New creative industries tax relief for museums and galleries

 IRIS Payroll for Accountants

Compliance Changes

IRIS Payroll for Accountants has been updated for tax year 2017/2018. This update of the software includes some new features and enhancements as well as legislative changes required, including : 

  • Latest Employment Allowance & Employer NI changes
  • Changes in legislation for National Insurance
  • Apprenticeship Ends Date
  • New rates & allowances, including the new Scottish Rate of Income Tax
  • A new higher rate DEA type catered for
  • Tax Code Changes
  • Flexibly Accessing Pension Rights and Pension Death Benefits options added
  • Tables for Earnings Arrestment Scotland have been updated
  • Student Loan Plan Type 2 added
  • Employer Payment Summary schema has been updated
  • Earlier Year Update schema has been updated
  • Pension Parameters for Auto Enrolment have been updated
  • Pension Output Files updates 
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